Shire of Bordergate

History of Bordergate

The Shire Of Bordergate has been around since the mid 1980s. During that time it tried out few different names: "Lakelands", "Alfheim Land the happiest place in the known world", "Noname", "North Keep", and even "Stonewolf". It is believed that the first member of our local group was a young man named Rob Cole who brought the SCA from college and introduced it to his parents, Mary and Alton. They were soon joined by others, which included Alfheim and Aldeline, who encouraged the group to become a Canton and support the Barony of Borealis. Over the years many folks came and went as the group grew and eventually Alfheim and Adleline became Baron and Baroness of Borealis and the People were happy.

The Group spans From Lloydminster to Wainwright, from Bonnyville to Cold lake and any surrounding points as needed. When the Barony Of Borealis dissolved, Bordergate was strong enough to stand on its own and became a Shire; a Shire that is looking forward and steadily growing.

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