Shire of Bordergate

Bordergate Champions Revel 2013
Clan O'Malley Farm

Welcome one and all to the Bordergate Champions Revel.

The populace of Bordergate would like to invite everyone to our lovely little shire in May for our Bordergate Champions Revel and also this year, our Brewers Challange!

Gates will open Friday at 12pm, so your more than welcome to come set up at any point and time on Friday, as well at Midnight on Friday we will be having our annual dessert buffet full of tons of deliciousness goodies sure to give you a hangover without the alcohol. Believe me you wont want to miss this!

There is camping available in the hall for no extra cost. You are welcome to stay from Friday till Sunday but we do ask that you bring no animals (service animals are exempt from this of course) Please leave your four legged childern at home for this one.

Saturday is when the fun happens because we will be hosting a viarity of tourniments, such as:
Heavy fighting - HL Balinor will be hosting this (updates to follow)

Archery - (update to follow)

Rapier - Don Raoul will host a tourney to test the mettle of those who would vie to succeed him as rapier defender of Bordergate. All are welcome to participate.

Arts and Sciences - Thea SilverLeaf will be hosting this composed of two seperate tournaments. The first tournment will be to choose our next shire defender of A&S, huzzzah! This is an open tournament for anyone who wishes to compete, it is not limited to people from Bordergate, minimial documentation is accepted but the more the merrier.

Finally, the good stuff. our second arts and sciences event will be our Brewers Challange. Broken up into two catagories (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) we encourage you to break out the best of your brews and bring them to the table. If you'd like to enter please feel free to give me a shout for more details, you can e-mail me at

Bardic - Saturday evening during the Feast. Hosted by Rhowyn the Bard. In keeping with the theme, it will be a Bardic Challenge of your best and most entertaining Drinking Songs, Stories or Prose. The performance should be about drinking, about the drink itself, or about the effects of drinking. This is not an A&S competition, therefore no documentation is required, though if the piece is period you should state that verbally at the beginning and there will be additional points awarded. The winner will be chosen by "people's choice" and there will be suitable bardic prizes. Because of the drinking theme and one of the prizes, entrants must be 18 years and older. Register with Rhowyn the Bard during the day.

Feast - Delicious delicious food will be served on Saturday, there will be a lunch and a dinner. (more information to be updated)

Event menu
1st Remove: Breads, Butters, Cheese, Fruit, Olives and pearl onions.
2nd Remove: Grilled(Beer Can) Chicken w Spinach Tarts.
3rd Remove: Grilled(BBQ) Steak w Mushroom pies.
4th Remove: Apple Pie w Cream

Lunch: Chili and Bun w cheese and meat...proceeds to THUA.
Coffee and tea provided all day.

Merchants are more than welcome!!
We would like to encourage merchants to come set up for no fee, Please contact me if you'd like to come just so we have a rough idea to plan space for you. Bring your best SCAdians, we hope to see you all there!

Site Info:

Name: The Beaver River Fish and Game Association
4402 54 Avenue Bonnyville, AB T9N 2G6

Directions to Site:

travel through the town of bonnyville till you reach the junction where 28 branches off to go to cold lake. turn left at this junction. when you reach tim hortons(which will be on the right hand side) turn left. travel past the museum, and the fish and game building is immediately on the the left hand side.

We will be taking reservations under your SCA name so please remember this.
Please email me ( ) with:
SCA name:
card number (If one has):
Number of people in your party: