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We are the Barony of Myrgan Wood in the Kingdom of Avacal! We are a medieval re-creation group in Saskatoon
and the surrounding area. To learn more, please see the "Get Involved" and "About Us" tabs above.

Weekly Meetings

Fight Practice/A&S/Social Night

Every Tuesday
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Saskatoon Fencing Club, 414 1st Ave N, Saskatoon.

Fee: 2.50$/night. Please bring change for the collection can. Newcomers get their first month free.

Sunday Fight Practice

Select Sundays during the winter will have indoor practice at the Saskatoon Fencing Club (414 1st Ave N). These practices are at 12:30 to 2:30pm. There is an extra fee for this practice and it is not included in the other practice passes. You can by a pass for this for $50 - or drop in is $5.
Current dates for Sunday Winter practices are:
April 1st, 15th, 22nd, 29th

Upcoming Classes and Arts & Science Activities

All of these will occur at our normal Tuesday meeting time slot and location unless otherwise noted (in the area adjacent to the fight practice room).

Awards Class

On April 24th, Warden Alric the indecisive is teaching an award class. If you were ever curious about how to nominate someone or what awards there are. See you there!
Lady Jane Marche
Arts & Science Officer

Fibre Arts

Many people bring fibre arts projects to the Tuesday night gatherings to work on. Anyone is welcome who has an interest in the fibre arts.

Medieval Dance Practice

A monthly dance practice. Some new dances are taught every month, so beginners and experienced dancers are welcome! There's a class scheduled for the first tuesday of each month.

Soapstone Carving

This is an online ongoing course. You can join at any time.
To join please join the facebook group

Archery Practice

Archery practice is at the Dundurn army base 7:00 pm on thursdays. Cost to use the range is 5$. Meeting at Stonebridge walmart at 6:30 for carpooling.

Please make sure to watch our Facebook page for announcements regarding last minute changes.

Monthly Business Meetings

Normally the 3rd Tuesday of the month 7:00 pm

Next Business Meeting: Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Location: Saskatoon Fencing Club, 414 1st Ave N, Saskatoon.

Minutes of previous meetings available here.


Greetings artisans, are you excited about spring champions? I know am!
If you are able and willing to teach a class please contact myself or Solomon Slessor. Thanks to all!
Lady Jane Marche
Arts and Science Officer

With spring just around the corner that means a new crop of classes! If you would like to learn something or even would love to teach something please contact me at mw.artsandsci@gmail.com.
Lady Jane Marche
Arts & Science Officer

A Word from There Excellencies
As announced at our business meeting last night we will be limiting our champions to Residents of Myrgan Wood and/or recipients of Blood of the Wood.
While we understand that this will disappoint some, people we felt it was best for the Barony in this transitional year. We welcome all to come and test the mettle of our potential champions at our 3 events this year.
Skald the Hall: March 3rd where we will Choose the second Bardic Champion and Premiere youth Champion of Myrgan Wood.
Spring Champions, May 13th where Arts and Sciences and Rapier Champions are chosen.
Anniversary, Thanksgiving weekend, where we choose our Armored and Missiles Champion.
Thank you all,
Fjall and Isabelle

Kingdom Announcements

Please check our facebook page for baronial updates each week.
Want to get updates from the group via Yahoo? You can do so here!

Myrgan Wood's Most Recent Event

  • Skald The Hall
  • Saturday, March 3, 2018

See the "Skald The Hall" webpage that explains more about what took place at this event, focussed on finding a new Bardic and our first Youth Champion.

There is one more "local" events scheduled for 2018.

Demonstrations and Other Activities

The Barony of Myrgan Wood had three demonstrations in fall 2016.

The most recent demonstration was in Saskatoon at the Saskatoon Comic Expo where we had a Medieval Village.

Please email the Chatelaine if you would like to discuss booking a demonstration at an upcoming medieval event.

Other Group Gatherings

Merchandise for Sale

We have a variety of merchandise for sale to support events in our barony! Please see the Announcement & Notices page for pictures and more information!

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