We are the Barony of Myrgan Wood in the Kingdom of Avacal! We are a medieval re-creation group in Saskatoon
and the surrounding area. To learn more, please see the "Get Involved" and "About Us" tabs above.

Weekly Meetings

Fight Practice/A&S/Social Night

Every Tuesday
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Fee: 2.50$/night. Please bring change for the collection can. Newcomers get their first month free.

Location: Saskatoon Fencing Club, 414 1st Ave N, Saskatoon.

Upcoming Classes and Arts & Science Activities

All of these will occur at our normal Tuesday meeting time slot and location unless otherwise noted (in the area adjacent to the fight practice room).

Fibre Arts

Many people bring fibre arts projects to the Tuesday night gatherings to work on. Anyone is welcome who has an interest in the fibre arts.

Medieval Dance Practice

A monthly dance practice. Some new dances are taught every month, so beginners and experienced dancers are welcome! There's a class scheduled for the first tuesday of each month.

Archery Practice

Every Thursday

Rental Arrows Fee: 2$

Archery is at Dundurn Army Base. Carpool is from the Stonebridge Walmart parking lot at 6:30pm

Please make sure to watch our Facebook page for announcements regarding last minute changes.

Monthly Business Meetings

Normally the 3rd Tuesday of the month 7:00 pm

Next Business Meeting: Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Location: Saskatoon Fencing Club, 414 1st Ave N, Saskatoon.
Minutes of previous meetings available here.


Hello Myrgan Wood!

Tuesday we will be having our planning business meeting. This will include the organization of leadership of all of our Demos and Events for the next Calendar year. The hope is that we will be able to be more organized for each of our events and that we will have less logistical stress over our busy September demo season. This meeting will involve Date setting for Calendar next month for the 2020 year and setting up the leadership teams for our Events and Demos. If you are interested in running an event or a demo or learning to do run one. It would also be helpful to have anyone who is interested in volunteering at any of these events as well. So yes, this is asking everyone in the barony to show up.

This will be a big meeting, and we will have a lot to go through.

If you cannot be there please have someone that can represent you and speak on your behalf about what volunteering opportunities you would like to put your name towards in any capacity that you would like. (I would like to be apart of the Expo Fighting team or the Crown set-up team.) You can certainly volunteer later, but being proactive will help us.

And always feel free to ask if you have any questions.

I believe the Baroness is bringing flipcharts and other visuals to keep organized.

Yours in Service,
HL Tommaso Tiepolo
Myrgan Wood Seneschal

Dear Artisans,
As discussed at the November business meeting, we are in need of Baronial cloaks (displaying the arms of the barony). Please consider this an official call to submit a plan to bandbmw@gmail.com, including a cost estimate, if you would like to create this piece of regalia. We will consider individuals or group plans.
While questions are welcome, we reserve the right to decline to answer. It is our preference to not influence the creative design or methods other than to say that it must display the arms as blazoned.
Roxanne & Raoul

Kingdom Announcements

Please check our facebook page for baronial updates each week.
Want to get updates from the group via Yahoo? You can do so here!

Myrgan Wood's Most Recent Event

  • Anniversary
  • Saturday, October 6, 2018

See the "Anniversary" webpage that explains more about what took place at this event, focussed on the step up of our baron and baroness Raoul and Roxanne and finding our new armoured and missile champions.

Demonstrations and Other Activities

The Barony of Myrgan Wood had two demonstrations in fall 2018.

The most recent demonstration was in Saskatoon at the Saskatoon Comic Expo where we had a Medieval Village.

Please email the Chatelaine if you would like to discuss booking a demonstration at an upcoming medieval event.

Other Group Gatherings

Merchandise for Sale

We have a variety of merchandise for sale to support events in our barony! Please see the Announcement & Notices page for pictures and more information!

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