Myrgan Wood's 39th Anniversay

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

Come visit The Barony of Myrgan Wood as it hosts its Anniversary Event!
Baronial step down of Master Baron Fjallgeir Ljotsson and Her Ladyship Baroness Isabelle Buckells
Baronial step up of Master Raoul Delaroche and Mistress Roxanne Delaroche
The Archery and Armored Championships will be held.
A&S Giving and Rapier Fun Tournaments, as well a Youth Armored practice.

Site Opens: October 6, 2018 7:00 a.m.
Site closes: October 7, 2018 12:00 a.m.
Location: St George's Senior Citizen's Center--1235 20th St W Saskatoon, SK
GPS Coordinates: 52°07'33.6"N 106°41'18.7"W

Adult: $25
Adult Member Discount: $20 (Proof of membership is required)
Youth (15-17) - Free
Children Registration (14 under) FREE

Adult - $15
Youth (14-17) - $10
Children (13 under): FREE

Please make cheque payable to ‘SCA Myrgan Wood’

Please Pre-register Here!


The event stewards are: Ayame Houjou and Alric the Indecisive

They have designated stewards for various aspects of this event, including:


8am Site open/Set up
9am A&S Giving throughout the day
10:30am-Noon Rapier Prize Tournament
Noon Armour Inspection/Invocation
12:30pm-3pm Armoured Championship
3pm Archery Invocation on Site
3:30pm Archery Championship Off Site
3:30pm-4:30pm Youth Practice

Feast Menu

Butter + Honey Butter
Apple Pork (GF)
Haddock Fish Soup
Mustard Boar (GF) + Beer and Honey Boar
Root Vegetables (GF)
Garlic Mushrooms (GF)
Buckwheat Porridge (GF)
Mandel-eplekake, almond cake (GF)
(GF) = Gluten-free

Bardic during Feast
“A small Branch of Troubadours du Bois will feature some live music during the early part of the feast. We look forward to bringing you 13th-16th C tunes! “
Schedule will be posted soon

Armoured Championship

The format of the Armoured Championship will be a Multiple Eric bear pit, with winners holding the fields, winners MAINTAIN injuries, only report victories after you are defeated in the pit. top 4 vying fighters fight best of 3. Top two fighters of the whole day will fight a best of five

Missiles Championship

For Missile Championship the format will be as follows.

There are five rings on each of the archery targets. Three arrows each target.
20 yards:
Inside two rings=5points
Anywhere else on the target butt=1point
Any arrow missing the butt= -3points
Inside three rings=5points
Anywhere else on the target butt=1point
Any arrow missing the butt= -3points
Inside four rings=5points
Anywhere else on the target butt=1point
Any arrow missing the butt= -3points

Throwing Weapons:
Three throws per implement.
Knives at minimum 10feet
Three rings on the target
Inside two rings=5points
Anywhere on the target=1point
Any misses= -3 points
Axe's at minimum 10feet
Three rings on the target
Inside two rings=5points
Anywhere on the target=1point
Any misses= -3 points
Spears at minimum 15feet
8"x11" square on the target
Inside square=5points
Anywhere on the target=1point
Any misses= -3 points

Most points wins.
Start's at 15:30 and runs till 17:00
3830 haliburton ave.
Facilities on site.

A&S Challenge

My Lords, My Ladies. Pray Attend.
With the Anniversary Event for Myrgan Wood approaching, now is the time to announce my first Arts and Sciences challenge. Anniversary is held on the Thanks Giving Weekend ( to the chagrin of some ), and that inspired the challenge.
Everyone is invited to make something to give to someone else, as a way of 'giving thanks' to that person. There will be no judging, unless you are seeking input on your work. The intent is to spread some joy the act of creation, or as a certain "Queen of Awesome" once said "To bend reality to your will, to create something from something else". Everyone that presents their creation is entered into the draw for an as yet undertermined ( but hopefully worthy ) prize! So, Inspirations, what token does your fighter carry onto the field to draw strength and encouragement from? Does your life partner have something made by your own hands? From one fri*end to another, from husband to wife, child to parent, Squire to Knight, from you to a stranger that did something kind that one time, there can be so many reasons, especially in a Kingdom as awesome as Avacal, to want to give thanks.
There are no limits or minimums on what you make: fiber arts, wood working, leather, steel, cotton candy, prose or poetry, its all good. Just experience the joy of creation!
One and all are welcome to enter, and in fact the more the merrier! It is not limited to the populace of Myrgan Wood. Just present your creation at Anniversary and share in the joy that is Arts and Sciences. I will limit it to one entry per person out of fairness. Some of you creative geniuses out there could make something for everyone. But please, if you want to 'give thanks' to multiple people, GO AHEAD!
Yours in Service
Lord Wilum 'the Bear' Winters
Champion of Arts and Sciences for Myrgan Wood
Defender of Valley Wold

Bardic Challenge

Greetings Everyone!
As it is coming close to Myrgan Wood Anniversary, I am calling ALL BARDS! Their Excellencies and I would ask that this day is filled with entertainment of all kinds. So to encourage this I will be running a Prize Tournament. Not all Bardic needs to be a performance piece, but something that creates a culture and an atmosphere. So there will be some individuals who will have tokens at the event. When they witness someone tell a joke, story, sing, play or entertain in some way, they will give one of their tokens to you or have it delivered to you. If they feel your entertainment was exceptional, you may receive an additional token. You may receive multiple tokens for the same act, who knows!
The tournament will run from when I arrive till time moment Toasts are said at the Feast. You can come and hand your tokens into me. The person with the most tokens wins. There also will be some other secret prizes as well. So let's have fun, and warm everyone's hearts and spirits together.
Yours In Service,
HL Tommaso Tiepolo
Bardic Champion of Myrgan Wood


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