Myrgan Wood's 40th Anniversay

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

Their Excellencies of Myrgan Wood invite one and all to join them as they celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Myrgan Wood.
Throughout the day we will have many tournaments to challenge the skill of our great populace.
We are also planning a very special fashion show, to showcase our history and future. Everyone is invited to participate!

In the evening, we will dine on a great feast to celebrate Thanksgiving together.
The feast is catered, but you are more than welcome to join us with your own food if you did not pre register!

Site Opens: October 12, 2018 9:00 a.m.
Site closes: October 12, 2018 12:00 a.m.
Location: Kenaston Place, 704 4th Street, Kenaston SK - S0G 2N0


Adult: $20
Adult Member Discount: $15 (Proof of membership is required)
Youth (0-17) - Free

Adult - $25
All feast must be pre paid by September 7th, 2019 to Eira Halladottir. E-transfers for FEAST ONLY can be made to

Pre Registration for feast is CLOSED!

Please make cheque payable to ‘SCA Myrgan Wood’


The event stewards are:
Eira Halladottir (Terri Bauer), 306-261-5089 (no calls after 9pm),
Conan of Myrganwood (Mitchell Craig), 306-241-2569 (no calls after 8pm),

Gate Steward
Alric the Indecisive (Patrick Dufour)
Diana Africana (Charity Olynyk)


Tentative schedule current as of 2019-10-10

Feast Menu

Thanksgiving dinner!

-Mashed potatoes
-Pumpkin pie
-Lemon chiffon cake
-Coffee, Tea

GLUTEN FREE IS AVAILABLE! Please select in your registration form.
All feast reservations MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE ($25/PERSON) by September 7, 2019. E-transfer to is available.


Words from their Excellencies Myrgan Wood:

Greetings good gentles interested in competing in our upcoming tournaments at our 40th Anniversary event this Thanksgiving. As per usual, everyone is welcome to enter the tournaments to compete for the prizes. There will be tournaments for rapier and youth fighters as well as artisans. Those living within the Barony of Myrgan Wood (so all the lands extending east & west of Saskatoon to the provincial borders and north) as well as those who are Blood of the Wood may vie for Archery or Armoured Champion.

Please note that there will be a Grand Procession for the competitors and inspirations for _both_ tournaments at 1:30 preceding the armoured tournament.

These are the requirements to vie for champion:
- SCA membership
- Agree to host a tournament in approximately one year’s time to find a successor
- Agree to wear and/or carry regalia that designates you as a Champion of the barony
- Agree to host or arrange for tournaments/classes/demos at other events the barony organizes
- Agree to stand guard for Their Excellencies Myrgan Wood during court and assist them as retinue at that time

Having an inspiration is recommended but not required.

Raoul & Roxanne
Baron & Baroness of Myrgan Wood

Armoured Championship

Word from our champion:

I have decided to use a format that I love, and allows for as many fights as you can get in.

The format will be an hour and a half long bearpit for ALL fighters regardless of if they are vying for Myrgan Wood Champion or not. Winner holds the field. Once a fighter gets 3 wins in a row, they get a point and exit the field. Two new fighters take the field. At the end of the tournament, the top 2 vying fighters will face each other in a best 2 of 3 finals for Myrg Champ. If a non-vying fighter achieves one of the highest 2 point totals, there will also be another 2 of 3 for top overall score. Weapons and Shields are as permitted by the Avacal book of Combat.

Astrid Arnsbjornsdottir

If you would like to volunteer as Marshall please contact our current Champion.

Missiles Championship

Come one and all to the archery tournament to find the successor of the archery champion of Myrgan Wood! The championship tournament will run congruent with a prize tournament.

The tournament will be held at the Dundurn Range. There will be a prize for highest score, and a shoot out between the top two scores from those vying to earn the job and title of champion.

Targets will be non-standard.
6 arrows at 40 yards
6 arrows at 30 yards
6 arrows at 20 yards
And a timed end of 30 seconds At 30 yards.
All equipment to conform to the Avacal Target Archery rule book.

For those wishing to vie to become the next archery champion please see Their Excellencies of Myrgan Wood’s post about requirements and expectations.

Any questions about the archery tournament please feel free to contact me.

YiS, Tonis.

LOCATION: Dundurn Army Base Archery Range

Arts and Science Tournament

There will be a Populace Choice tournament, run by our local Myrgan Wood A&S Champion, Shirakawa Yukime. Tokens will be provided at gate for the populace to vote for their favourite display throughout the day. Bring your most recent work to display. Documentation is recommended but not required. Unfinished projects are welcome.

Rapier Tournament

Word from Sir Gunther:

The format will be a bearpit, running for an hour and a half. No tourney tiles required. Winner will hold the field, upon scoring three victories they will leave the field and rejoin the line, scoring one point. Double kills will be re fought.

The Final will be a best 2 out of 3 of the top two fighters from the field.
We will need volunteers for marshaling. Because it will be one eric, requirement should be minimal.

Youth Tournament

Word from Sir Gunther:

Similar to the Heavy and Rapier fields, a bearpit for one hour will be this tournament. Rules being the same as the Rapier tourney, with double kills being re fought, and a point scored after three victories in a row.

The Final will be a best 2 out of 3 of the top two fighters from the field.
Volunteers for marshaling would be appreciated.

History Display

Words from our Baroness Roxanne:


Many of us find ourselves following rabbit holes of research or at the very least enjoying museum displays of historical artifacts of many kinds. We use these things to guide our learning and activities within the SCA. But, I propose that there is something that we are not very good at - and that’s recording and celebrating the history of our society.

A couple of years ago while perusing the British Museum’s everyday artifacts like painted glasses, embroidered pillow covers, carved combs, etc., I was struck by how much we learn about history from these things. These were not items created especially for a momentous occasion but regularly used things that meant something to the owner.

So ... a challenge!! Let’s create a display at Myrgan Wood Anniversary!! Do you have something (an item, a photo, a story, a song) that you are willing to display with an explanation of why that is society historically important - to you - in some way. As examples, we have a copy of Myrgan Woods pages in An Tir’s Grete Booke that we plan to put on display. We also have Marcus’ fibreglass rapiers on loan from his son. This represents how many of us got our start before steel blades were allowed. If you have something that stirs a memory of last week, last year, or last decade and are willing to display it with a quick card describing what it is, please do! We can all share in the reminiscing!

To help us plan ahead for appropriate space, please let us know what you are thinking about doing - but note that this is not required.

Fashion Show

The theme of the fashion show we are planning for Anniversary is "Myrgan Wood - Remembering our roots and envisioning our future."
We encourage EVERYONE to participate in one of the categories:

"Remembering our roots" - is to show case your FIRST garb! You can wear your actual first garb, or a great recreation of it!!
Armour absolutely counts, so drag out that carpet armour if you can!!

"Envisioning our future" - is the category for new garb! The stipulation is that it has to be garb that is brand new that day,
never been worn at another event before.

You can walk the runway in BOTH categories if you want, just be prepared to change real quick. :)
This would be really great to show how far you have come with your garb!

We encourage as many people to participate as possible, from any branch. Even if you aren't from Myrgan Wood,
you are part of our history and we would love to see you strut your stuff!

There will be queue cards available at gate! Please grab one and fill it out with a flashy description of your garb for either category, along with your name and titles, so our herald can announce you properly.


Please contact the event stewards if you would like to teach a class at this event.
There is space available in the main hall, depending on what events are taking place.

"Kute-Uchi (Japanese Braiding)"

Description: Come learn this traditional technique that has been documented back to the Jomon Period (14,000 - 1,000 BCE). Youth welcome with a related adult in attendance.

Instructor: HL Li Xia
Cost: Donations appreciated or bring thick yarn in at least two colours. Limited colours will be available.

"Is Chocolate Period?"
What was it, how was it made, and a sampling of MesoAmerican and Spanish versions of the drink with food. No limit on ages or number of students.

Instructor: Don Caiaphas

"Introductory Braiding Techniques"

Learn various hair braiding techniques! Minors welcomed if accompanied by a parent. No class size limit.

Instructor: HL Gwen


Please contact the event stewards if you would like to merchant at this event.

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