Myrgan Wood 2020 Anniversay

October 10th, 2020 Virtual Event on Facebook

Event Information Website

Our Event Stewards have set up a special website for further information, click the link!


11:00 AM Site Opens
11:00 AM Opening Court and Procession of the Lists

Open Social on Main Zoom Until Feast

1:00 PM How to Repair Arrows (Zoom Class)
2:00 PM Costume Contest Results
2:30 PM The New Avacal Fencing Rules (Zoom Class)
3 - 4 PM Scavenger Hunt (Minecraft Server)
6:00 PM Virtual Feast (Zoom)
7:30 PM Closing Court (Zoom)

Open Social on Main Zoom Until Bardic

9:00 PM Bardic (Zoom)
11:00 PM Event Officially Closes

Come and go chat, games and classes throughout the day.
Specific times to come later Merchants tables will be open october 1st and through the event.

A&S Championship

Hail, mighty Myrg!

As interest climbs and information grows, I come once again to ask the populace interested in vying for my position of Arts and Science champion of Myrgan Wood to prepare themselves for the championship.
Should one fit the criteria to vie as described on the Myrgan Wood website, I would ask that they submit their letters of intent to myself, Baron Raoul, and Baroness Roxanne by September the 5th.
In addition, I would ask that those who aim to participate, be they vying or not, submit the photos or videos of their entries to me by September 30th.
These photos will be displayed on the Anniversary webpage, and as such will require an SCA Photograph Grant of Use form to be filled out.
If you do not want your entry to be displayed, please inform us beforehand.

I look forward to seeing what you create!
Otsukaresama deshita!

Lady Shirakawa Yukime, A&S Champion of Myrgan Wood


Event stewards:
Susan of Myrgan Wood (Susan Slater) 306-203-6322 - (no calls after 8)
Haskul Thorkellson (Paul Slater)

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