Myrgan Wood's 2019 Christmas Tavern

My lords and ladies,
I am pleased to announce that Myrgan Wood will be having its Christmas tavern this year!!

It will be held on:
Saturday December 14th
5pm - 11pm
At Nostalgia country hall
5185 Strathcona Ave, Corman Park

This will be potluck social without a bar. There will be an opportunity to sign up for food to bring once we have an estimate of people.

There will be a Viking gift exchange for the adults and a special token gift for the children.

Finally the hall has specifically asked that we avoid open flame. Please do not bring real candles!!

If you are interested in attending please send me a message including your names as well as how many adults and kids will be attending!! ( We want to have enough food for everyone!)

Alexandra Venell (Myrgan Wood FB group)

Last updated 18 October 2019 by Conan Myrgan Wood Webminister