Definitions of Terms Used in Myrgan Wood

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

This list is a work in progress and therefore not complete. If you don't know what a term means, please email the webmaster who will try to add its definition here.

Bardic Any type of musical performance such as singing or playing an instrument, dancing, juggling, storytelling, poetry recitation, etc.
Blood of the Wood Title given to people who leave the barony at the discretion of the baron and baroness
Championship A competition to become a Champion for the Barony (or Kingdom) which often lasts for one year and comes with responsibilities for that time period.
Chronicler Secretary of the local group.
Court Formal occurrence during many events, presided over by the "royals" in attendance with SCA rules of etiquette used. Awards are often given during this time.
Documentation Written explanation of the works used to verify that an artwork, piece of clothing, etc. is made the way it was in the particular time period stated. Sometimes this also includes tools and construction methods used and other times the emphasis is on the "look at ten feet distance".
Exchequer Treasurer of the local group.
Filk Song of jest written about persons or events in the SCA as opposed to actual medieval people or occurrences. Usually sung to an existing melody that originally had different lyrics.
Garb Clothing and accessories worn to reflect a person living before 1600.
Gold Key Term used to describe the set of clothing and personal items that can be borrowed by newcomers, guests, and people who forgot garb that is required at specific events and activities.
Inspiration 1) Person who inspires someone to act, often used in championships by the contestant. 2) A painting or sculture or tapestry, etc. that someone uses for the basis of something they make or perform.
Mundane SCA term to mean a person's "everyday" name, occupation, etc. as opposed to those of the persona they adopt.
Persona SCA term to mean the character one is attempting to re-enact within the SCA. This usually includes a name, a time period and place, and sometimes their role as a nobleperson in that society.
Rubric A standard set of descriptors and scores used by judges in competitions of many types.
Seneschal The President of the local group, who runs business meetings, etc.
Tournament A competition for a prize. Often also called a "prize tourney".

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