Myrgan Wood Mid-Summer Champs

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

The Barony of Myrgan Wood invites you to join us to witness the Champion Tournaments to find our next Champions of A&S and Rapier. Our tournaments will be designed in a way as to allow all members of the populace to display their prowess in these disciplines and we encourage all to enter. It’s more fun if more play. Only residents of Myrgan Wood and holder of the Blood of the Wood may vie for Champion.
In addition to the Champions Tourneys, we are running activities designed to bring the populace together in the common areas of the site and out of their camps. We are trying to facilitate a heightened sense of inclusion and community.

Additional activities include:
Friday Night Team Torchlight Tournament: (Rapier and Heavy) in the Town Square. Wagering on the sidelines is encouraged.
Archery Populace Fun Shoot: We will have a fun archery shoot set up on Saturday.
Kingdom Helga Ball Practice: Helga Ball is an enjoyable game played at many Inter-Kingdom events. Come and learn and play!
A&S Classes: In addition to the A&S Tourney, we will be offering classes throughout the day.
Everyone is a Merchant Hour: On Saturday, there will be an hour scheduled where anyone can put out for sale anything and everything! Bring a blanket for your wares to the Crossroads, enjoy the window shopping, and then pack it away to enjoy the rest of your event.
Homme Ball: Back in the day, there was a household named House Homme, because that seemed witty. We developed a game similar to field hockey, except in armour. Enjoy the spectacle!
Medieval Dodgeball: This is a Thrown Weapons Tourney – Dodgeball Style!
Medieval Olympics: We will be setting up an obstacle course allowing participants to display various feats of strength and skill at the bardic circle on Saturday night. Come join the raucousness. The bardic circle will be focussed on involvement and community. Enthusiasm is more important than pitch.

Event Starts: July 5th at 2PM9
Event closes: July 7th at 2PM
Location: Quad Site
No Street Address, GPS coordinates: 52°52'47.7"N 109°54'55.5"W near Marsden, SK


Adult: $25
Adult Member Discount: $20 (Proof of membership is required)
Youth (15-17) - Free
Children Registration (14 under) FREE

Please make cheque payable to ‘SCA Myrgan Wood’


The event stewards are: Sir Hrogn Gunthersson (Dave Tarry) and HL Astrid of Myrgan Wood (Audrey Folster)

Helga Ball!

Photo courtesy of the Arizona Society For Creative Anachronism

Directions to the Site

From the West - Wainright, Alberta: Travel East on Highway 14 AB, this becomes Highway 40 SK at the border. Proceed 8km past the border and turn North (left) on Artlan Road (this is opposite of Suffern Lake turn off #680). Travel 4.6km north and turn West (left) on to field road.
From the East - Battleford, Saskatchewan: Travel West on Highway 40 SK to Marsden, SK. Continue 5km past Marsden and turn North (right) on Artlan Road (this is opposite of Suffern Lake turn off #680). Travel 4.6km north and turn West (left) on to field road

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