Baronial Confidence Polling

This is now finished! Thank you for submitting your polling answers!

Notice of Confidence Polling, Barony of Myrgan Wood

We are approaching the end of our second year and therefore our term as Baron & Baroness of Myrgan Wood.
Know that we are ready and willing to continue in this role for another term.
To do so, Avacal Law requires that a polling of the populace be held to determine if there is still confidence in our leadership.
Their Majesties will need to hear your opinion in order to decide whether to allow us to remain as Baron & Baroness or if the time is right to seek new leadership.
In this time of physical distancing we cannot ask people to gather for a polling.
We have proposed a plan to Their Majesties and with Their approval Myrgan Wood will be holding a virtual polling.
As Seneschal, Ayame will be designated as the officer to work with the Kingdom Seneschal to organize a polling by email or other means to be submitted to the Crown for Their consideration.

All submissions will be accepted between July 1& 4, 2020. Details to follow.

Raoul, Roxanne

Electronic Confidence Polling Form

Please download this form either in PDF or Word Document format, and fill out with your comments, concerns and other information as per the instructions.

Once finished, please submit this form to Their Royal Majesties via email to:

Submissions are only accepted between July 1st and 4th.

Confidence Polling Form Word Document

Confidence Polling Form PDF File

Please submit your responses between July 1st and 4th!

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