Skald the Hall

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

Their Excellencies of Myrgan Wood, Baron Fjall and Baroness Isabelle, invite one and all to their brand new event: Skald the Hall! The first Bardic Champion of Myrgan Wood will be selected.

This event will be held in the Community Hall in Clavet, Saskatchewan approximately 18 km east of Saskatoon. The main event will be on Saturday March 4, 2017. There will be a Sunday morning practice for Armoured, Rapier and Youth combat at the Fencing Club in Saskatoon.

There will also be a bardic scavenger hunt prize tourney open to all comers, as well as various other bardic activities happening throughout the day. In addition to the main focus on bardic, Skald the Hall will include medieval games, children's activities of all sorts, an arts and sciences prize tournament), and dancing.

Please see the linked pdf for more information about "attending your first event", from the SCA international website.


The event stewards are: Tarquin of Sergontium and Alric the Indecisive.

They have designated stewards for various aspects of this event, including:

  • Bardic Steward: Lady Seren
  • Dance Steward: Mistress Fabianne
  • Arts and Science Steward: Her Ladyship Cadwyn Wright
  • Game Steward: Viscountess Shunzei no Chikakawa

Participation Fees

Fees are payable at the door. Please make cheques payable to "SCA - Myrgan Wood". A registration desk will be set up to collect fees and provide information to attendess.

  • Adult Event Registration- $20
  • Adult SCA Member Discount Event Registration- $15
  • Youth Registration (0-17 yrs) - Free


Feast Steward: HL Eira Halladottir

HL Eira is an experienced feast steward, so we are certain to have a delicious meal! A full menu will be announced closer to the event.

A limited number of feast tickets are available. Interest was high early, so the limit has been increased to 80. Please email to register for the feast and event. The feast limit is based on the hall seating space, and to some extent, the kitchen capacity. (Members or their guests who wish to attend only the feast, must still pay the participation fee.)

Feast Fees:

  • Adults (>16 yrs): $10
  • Youth (6-15 yrs): $5
  • Children (5 and under): free

14th Century feast in three courses:

  • 1st course
  • Bread, butter
  • Cabbage pottage (soup)

    2nd course:
  • Tart in Ymbre Day (onion cheese quiche)
  • Salat (mixed greens and herbs with an vinaigrette)
  • Funges (mushrooms and leeks simmered in broth)
  • Cormarye (pork loins cooked in red wine and spices)

  • 3rd course:
  • Baked apples
  • Fruit
  • Cheese


Please pre-register for this event by email (to, with your name (both mundane and SCA), membership number and expiry date (if applicable).

Championships and/or Competitions

Bardic Championship

We will be holding a tournament to select our very first Bardic Champion of Myrgan Wood! This championship will only be open to residents of Myrgan Wood, the Sergeantry of Myrgan Wood, and Blood of the Wood.

The competitors must declare an inspiration, and also agree to follow and perform the requirements and duties of the Champions of Myrgan Wood.

Entrants will need to prepare at least two pieces, with an optional third. One of the pieces must be period, with documentation tracing the origins of the piece back to SCA time periods. Printed collections that are just out of period may be used as a source as long as the piece included is NOT noted as being from a post era date (e.g. Playford’s "English Dancing Master" of 1651 has both older traditional dances mentioned in earlier period literature, as well as some that were created after 1600 that should not be used). The others may be authentically period, period informed (e.g. Irish or Scottish traditional music that was recorded near to period, as little was written down before the 18th century (1700’s), or a piece deliberately created in the style and manner of a period piece such as a mummer’s play written about SCA people), or culturally appropriate to Avacal and the SCA (e.g. a filk or modern performance/music/etc. deliberately created for the people and culture of the SCA or its history).

Your entire performance should be less than 12 minutes total, and may be any form of performance or entertainment that would have been appropriate to the culture(s) and time period of the SCA.

Your performances do not need to be all the same genre: e.g. a soliloquy, a song, and a demonstration of period tumbling; or three musical pieces, two sung, and one played on an instrument. The entrant may have an accompanist or assistant of some type, but only the declared entrant will be judged (e.g. A musician would play the lute for the vocalist who was competing).

The entries will be judged according to the Avacal Judging Rubric. Their Excellencies of Myrgan Wood and an as yet to be determined third person will be your judges.

The winner of the tournament will be invited to perform a piece of their choosing at Court. (This can be an entry or another piece).

Anyone who wishes to vie must pre-register by February 25th with an email to, cc Please include your name and that of your inspiration, both mundane and SCA, your membership number and expiry date, and a list of the pieces you will be performing.

Yours in service,

-Alric the Indecisive, Minister of Arts and Sciences of Myrgan Wood

Arts & Sciences Tourney

Her Ladyship Cadwyn Wright, current Arts & Sciences Champion of Myrgan Wood, will host a prize tourney as follows:

Greetings all "Failed" Avacal Artists! This is your time to shine! Art is a process - let's celebrate our attempts! Please bring out any project that you "failed" at - that just did not work! Showcase your efforts despite lack of success!


  • You may enter 1 item and the winner will be chosen by Populace Vote.
  • Documentation Requested:
    • - What was it supposed to be?
    • - Did anyone/thing get hurt (other than your heart)?
    • - Volume of tears shed?
  • * Special Note: please wipe all blood off of entries prior to display.

Thank you.

Cadwyn Wright, Myrgan Wood A&S Champion

TUA Classes, Demonstrations, Workshops

Although the Clavet Hall is basically one large room and therefore space is limited, there may be classes held periodically during the day. Please check back later as planning progresses.


A few merchant tables may be available in the hall in a designated area. Merchants should email the Event Steward to confirm space availability.


There is one motel in the Village of Clavet and several in nearby Saskatoon. The Clavet Motor Inn has a small cafe and bar. There is a gas station with snacks for sale.

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