Event Stewards: Amya Lyghtfot (Teri Block)
Feast Steward: Eira Halladottir (Terri Bauer)

Bardic Championship

The bards of Myrgan Wood had an impressive showing with five entrants vying for championship and two entering to show off their pieces. Vying Entrants performed three pieces each.
Congratulations Tommasso on becoming the next Bardic Champion of Myrgan Wood.

Youth Championship

There were two entrants into the Youth Championship: Ulric and Crixus.
Congratulations to Crixus for being the first Myrgan Wood Youth Champion.

A&S Competition

The A&S team competition had three entrants. One team from Sigelhundas and one team from Myrgan Wood. There was a survival fishing and gaming set and a complete set for a 14th century lady's pater noster. Each submission had to incorporate Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable materials.
Congratulations to both teams for a tie in the competition!

Skald the Hall Arts and Science Day of Challenge: Fluffy’s Entourage!

There was a day challenge to create friends for Fluffy. Entrants had to create a creature that was a hybrid of Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral. Materials were provided at the event
This competition ended in a tie! Congratulations to the winners and all of the entrants.

Games Tourney

The Gaming Tourney was to raise funds for the Barony of Myrgan Wood. Here's how it worked:
The tourney table had games that allowed all ages to play at all levels. They included: Mancala - strategy; Backgammon - strategy with luck of the dice; Shove Groat - physical with strategy; Hunker Down - physical.
For a mere $2.00 you got four tokens to play any of the four games. These tokens were put in each game's cup for drawing against an opponent. There was a cash prize for the winner of the most games, one-half of the money from purchased tokens.

Class Information

Pysanky Class
Amme taught a class on making pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs). This class covered the basic history of pysanky, common symbolism, and students made their own pysanky to bring home with them.

Juggling Class
Magnus taught a class on how to juggle.

Drop Spindle Class
Saxa taught a class on basic drop spindle methods, different types of drop spindles and different fiber mediums.

Intro to Book Heraldry
Alric taught a class introducing the rules and process for creating and registering Arms.

Faience Class
Li Xia taught a class on Faience, a precursor to modern glass. Students were taught a brief history of Faience before trying their own hands at creating glass beads and pendants.

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