Skald the Hall

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

With spring just around the corner The Barony of Myrgan Wood would like to invite you to Skald the Hall! Time to brush of the snow of February with song, story and dance, as we host the Baronial Bardic Championship and back by popular demand… The Bard Off 2.0!

With the cold weather now fading, the children want to run and play to burn off all the energy gather while staying inside. The Baronial Youth Championship is the perfect way to start! We will also have kid activities and games throughout the day.

In the Barony we host a mighty and fast growing clan of Japanese personas, spanning all eras! With that the feast we are cooking is a Japanese traditional inspired feast! Menu to be posted at a later date.

Event Starts: March 7, 2020
Event closes: March 8, 2020
Location: Sutherland Hall -- 1112 Central Ave, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 2H1

Event Registration
Adult General Fee = 25$
Adult Membership Discout = 20$
Youth & Children (>18) = Free

Feast Registration
Adult = 20$
Youth (8-16) = 10$
Children (0-7) = 0$

Please make cheques payable to "SCA Barony of Myrgan Wood"

Register here!

Waiver forms for minors! Download one ahead of time for your future Youth Champions!

Single Minor Waiver Form

Multiple Minor Waiver Form


9:30 - Noble Estates
10:00 - A&S Tournament Opens
10:30 - Invocation of the Lists
11:00 - Youth Championship overview of entries
11:30 - Youth Combat/Archery Bean Bag
11:00-12:30 - Heraldry Table
1:00 - Bardic Championship
2:00-4:00 - Heraldry Table
3:30 - Dance Class
4:00 - Bard Off
5:30 - Hall Change over and A&S Judging
6:00 - Feast & Bard Off Finals
7:30 - Court
More dancing, bardic and games when court is done

10am to 1pm Fight practice at the Fencing Club on 1st Avenue.

Feast Menu

Feast Menu

Misoshiri (miso soup with daikon & scallions)
Nasubi (baked eggplant)
Green beans
Shoyu tamago (eggs)
Pickled daikon
Steamed Red Snapper
Sake steamed chicken
Shiitake mushrooms
Assorted fruit and nuts
Green tea

This feast is dairy free and gluten free/will have gluten subs
Please note cap is 70 people! Sign up for feast by filling out the pre-reg in this post.
Any questions with the feast please message Terri Bauer or Des Bartlett.

Youth Championship

A word from our Excellencies:

Youth Champion of Myrgan Wood

The youth of Myrgan Wood are a multi-talented group!! The requirements and opportunities to become the Barony's Champion of Youth will reflect that. We ask that young people prepare two of a possible three skill sets:
1. Tell us about how they have helped out in the last year (to show their service);
2. Create a display of something they have created (to show their artistic skill).
There will be a children’s bardic opportunity and an embroidery arts competition created on site that youth are able to use for an arts entry for the championship if they choose.;
3. Enter the youth combat tournament. If they choose, all three categories can be entered and the top two scores will be considered for the championship.

We will ask that the youth planning to vie for the championship be a child of a member of Myrgan Wood or Blood of the Wood and be prepared to present themselves at an Invocation of the Lists (they can bring any supporters with them they would like to).

Bardic Championship

Greetings Bards of Myrgan Wood

Skald the Hall is fast approaching, and so is the Bardic Champion's Tournament. Their Excellencies are looking for a bard who both can entertain their court as well as can represent when performing period pieces. I will be hosting a competition that honours those requirements.

All entrants will be required to do 2-3 performances. The best two qualifying pieces will be counted for scoring or average three whichever is greater. There must be two different medium of entertainment (Singing, Juggling, Dance etc.) One must be in a period style (A new composition that is based on a period of techniques counts.)

The Scoring will be based on a rubric created by TE and myself and is posted on the Myrgan Wood Website in the bardic section. Engagement/Entertainment, Documentation, and Skill will be the major determining factors. We encourage all entrants to study the rubric and maximise their scoring adoringly.

Bonus points are awarded to those who Successfully attempt a difficult piece (1pt). Add elements like props or people who meaningfully augment the performance (1pt). All aspects of the production are period appropriate (1pt). and Newly Crafted pieces using entirely period approaches (2pts.)

All entrants must have an active SCA membership to enter.
All entrants must submit a letter of intent with their pieces and documentation at a minimum of a week before the event to Their Excellencies Myrgan Wood.
All entrants must be from Myrgan Wood, Sergeant of MW, or be a Blood of the Wood.

Master Fjall Ljotrsson

Bard Off!

Its time for a Bard Off!

In addition to the Bardic Championship. I will be hosting a fun tournament for everyone who wants to participate. Get ready for Bard Off Part II! LET THE SLAIN SAY THAT THEY ARE SLAiN.

The number of entrants will determine if this will be a single or double elimination. Bring your pieces and prepare to duke it out.... on the performance stage. Two contestants will enter, then one will present their 1-2 minute performance, once they are done the second will immediately begin. When they are finished one of the bards shall die spectacularly. If neither or both fall, the two will have up to 1 minute to state their case for why they won or lost. At the one minute mark, the marshal will call for a crowd cheer to assist in the decision. If the bards cannot resolve who won at the end of 2 minutes, it is a tie and a double death. The marshal is only there for timekeeping purposes and is not a judge. The finals will be performed during the feast.

Please limit the length of your pieces to a minute or two. You can continue to use the same performance over again, or have a different piece for each bout. It's your decision. Please remember it's about being entertaining and having fun. Ham it up if you wish, pretend you are fighting, or be super professional looking it's all here for your enjoyment.

Everyone is welcome, and if you would like to enter, please contact me, so I have a general idea of numbers. But people will be allowed to enter the day of.

Prizes will be given for the winner, chivalry (congeniality?), and best death!

Arts and Science Competition

The Arts and Science Competition will be a napkin/kerchief decorating contest held day of. Materials provided (serged napkins, embroidery thread, fabric paint, etc), no entry fee necessary. Entries can either be taken home at the end of the night, or donated to largess. Table will be open all day, and competition entry closed just before feast for judging.

Entries will be judged on style and creativity, out of 10 Tommasos! Come on out and make some largess for your kingdom!

Shirakawa Yukime, Myrgan Wood Champion of Arts and Science

Sunday Fight Practice

There is a fight practice at 10am on Sunday March 8th, at the normal practice space of the Fencing Club.

Location: Saskatoon Fencing Club, 414 1st Ave N, Saskatoon.


The event stewards are: Lady Thorgunn (email here) and Ladyship Houjou Ayame (email here)

They have designated stewards for various aspects of this event, including:

Feast Steward: Lady Eira Halladottir and Lord Havarr Kvigsson


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Yri's Antlers
Antonia's Emporium
F.T.G. Runecrafting

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