Spring Champions

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

The event that decides the Barony of Myrgan Wood’s Rapier and A&S Champions! Included in attendance is Bardic, TUA, Armoured Combat, Archery, and youth activities. Space allowing will have a few merchants. Feast in the evening.

May 12th 2018
Location: Christ Church Anglican Saskatoon (515 28th Street W, Saskatoon, SK, S7L 4R5) Site Opens: May 12th 2018 at 9am Site closes: May 12th 2018 at Midnight

Event Registration:
Adult Event Registration- $25
Adult Member Discount Event Registration- $20
Youth Registration(12-17) - $0
Children Registration(0-11) - $0

Feast Registration:
Adult - $15
Youth (12-17) - $10
Children (0-11) - $0
Please make cheques payable to “ SCA Barony of Myrgan Wood"

Pre-register here


The event steward is: Salomon (Solomon Slessor), 1-306-681-4489 (no calls after 9pm)
Feast Steward: House of Grantham - contact Lady Lina

Spring Champions Schedule

Set up starts at 8am. A&S set up is free to arrive at this time.
Gate opens at 9am.
Archery is 9:30am until 12.
A&S social time 9:30am until 11:30.
Rapier Inspection at 12-12:30
Vigil 11am until 1pm
Rapier Champion Tourney 12 to 2:30
Armoured Tourney to follow until 5:30
Feast at 6pm
Court to follow Feast.

(The vigil is for Lady Dorothye who is to be elevated to Laurel in the court)

Classes are as follows:
Slot one - 9am to 10am - Laural Requirments with Mai Azarionos; Historical Review of Illuminated Manuscripts with Simone 'Bronwyn' Haywood- Brazel
Slot two - 11am to 12 - Intro to SCA with Skeld; PLQS with Mai Azarionos; Scribal Survey with Michelle Height
Slot three - 3pm to 4pm - What to Wear? with Ladyship Adelheid Nerissa Hymers; History of Law in the Middle Ages with Monna Caterina di Alessandro di Guglielmo Franceschi & c., OL; Pennsic 101 with Stephanie 'Arwyn' Mortenson
Slot four - 4pm to 5pm - Asia in the Middle Ages with Monna Caterina di Alessandro di Guglielmo Franceschi & c., OL; Bardic Movement with Tommaso Tiepolo

Arts and Science Championship

Spring Champions approaches! And the next Champion of Arts and Sciences will be selected. This tournament is limited to the populous of Myrgan Wood as well as any Blood of the Wood.
There are a few dates to keep in mind as we approach this auspicious day:
April 12 - Deadline to submit a letter of intent to Their Excellencies and myself.
May 5 - Preferred submission date for lengthy documentation. Brief documentation can be submitted on the day of the tournament.
May 12 - THE Day! Spring Champion Arts and Sciences Tournament.
We will be judging based on the Myrgan Wood Rubric, so please, please, please have a look at it. There are lots of points up for grabs if you pay attention to what we're looking for. But, most importantly, have fun with this!

Yours in Nerdiness,
Lady Alfdis

Judging Rubric

Rapier Championship

Myrgan Wood will be hosting a tournament to choose a successor to the Myrgan Wood’s Champion of Rapier. The tournament will be open only to those who would vie to become Champion and who are residents of the Barony or those who are Blood of the Wood. For those rapier fighters who would not vie or who are from outside of the Barony, do not worry. Immediately after the Champions Tourney there will be an open rapier tournament.
The format for the Rapier Champion Tournament will be standard double elimination with best two out of three fights for each round. The fights in each round, including the final round, will be: 1) sword and non-offensive parrying device / buckler; 2) sword and dagger; and 3) single sword. This format is in the interest of promoting the use of multiple styles and we invite individual fighters to utilize different non-offensive parrying devices in their first fights. However, if a fighter cannot become authorized in a given style or if they chose for personal reasons, any fighter shall be allowed to fight single sword in place or the requisite style of the round. Please note that a fighter’s decision to fight single sword does not require the other fighter to drop to single sword.
Immediately after the winner of the Rapier Championship is determined, a winner-holds-the-field, counted-wins prize-tournament will begin. This tournament will be single fights, open weapon style and will continue as long as time allows.

Arts and Science Magic of Creation Display and Social

There will be space set up for The Magic of Creation A&S Displays. Show us the craft, art, or science that you are most passionate about, what truly brings magic into your life, what creations you have formed by force of will and mind and hands. The project doesn't have to be completed to be displayed or it can be something you've entered or displayed before. The only requirement is that it is something you are passionate about. This display opportunity is open to anyone in Avacal and youth are encouraged to show off their skills, too! Help us all catch fire with the magic and the joy of what you've created.
From 9:30 to 11:30 am, I would like to invite all interested members of the populous and those who wish to display their creations to attend an informal social gathering around the displays. This will allow everyone to ask questions, gush over details, suggest further work, and network with individuals who are doing similar work but had not connected yet. We are all fantastic resources for each other for support and encouragement, as well as for information, direction, and tips. Please come and share your joy, fire, and mind with the Arts and Science community. Tea and nibblies will be provided.

Yours in Nerdiness,
Lady Alfdis

Feast Menu

1st remove - Strawberry soup; bread and butters; herbed olives and feta cheese
2nd remove - salad; grete pie (beef and chicken medieval pie)
3rd remove - pork loin; roasted vegetables; golden oats
4th remove - cookies; berries and cream

Lunch will be $4 for a burger and pop

Kitchen will NOT be available for populace use during the event due to various food allergies being cared for in the feast.


Classes being offered at Spring Champions thanks to the amazing teachers we have!

What to wear?
Description: new to SCA? looking to change your persona? maybe a little bit of time drift is in your future. this will be a discussion of men's and women's clothing throughout western Europe spanning the SCA period. we wont be getting into may regional specifics of dress, this will be a generalized class geared to eras rather then regions.
Length: 1 hr
Cost: $2
class size: no limit
Instructor: Ladyship Adelheid Holtzhauer, Avacal minister of arts & science

History of Law
Description: This class will look at laws and how law was practiced in the SCA's time period.
Length: 1 hr
No Cost
Students should bring their own note taking materials
Instructor: Monna Caterina di Alessandro di Guglielmo Franceschi & c., OL

Asia in the middle ages
Description: this class will look the customs and political organizations of East and Central Asia around the year 900 CE.
Length: 1 hr
Instructor: Monna Caterina di Alessandro di Guglielmo Franceschi & c., OL

Intro into SCA
Description: why are they wearing silly clothes? why are pople bowing to that lady? what on earth is going on, & how can I join in? Welcome to the SCA, sit down to learn the basics of how you can be part of it.
Length: 1 hr
no cost
Instructor: His lordship Skeld the peacemaker

Using Movement to Improve Your Practice and Performance
Description: Your body and voice are connected. The act of singing, storytelling, or acting is a full body activity, even if you do not always see it. This class will teach you how to use movement in your rehearsals and piece preparation to overcome vocal challenges, enhance your understanding of your instrument, and physically see your vocal production. We will also explore movement to improve characterisation and overall stage presence. Utilizing what we do in practice to cue excellence in performance.
Length: 1-1.5 hr
Cost: Free
class size: 1-25
age requirement: 14+
please bring a pen and notebook to take notes
Optional but recommended: Spoken/Sung piece you would like to work on. Please have a portion of it memorised as we will be using it to practice with. It can be something emotive, just inside your vocal range, or a piece you would like just to perform better. (You are welcome to contact me beforehand if you have questions.)
Instructor: Tommaso Tiepolo

With descriptions pending we also have Mai Azarionos offering PLQS and Laurel Requirements; Scott Eason (Tommaso Tiepolo) for a bardic Class; Michelle Height for a scribal survey and a few more possible in the works!

Also Craig William Robertson has offered and set up an event doing Bronze Casting the Sunday after Spring Champions (May 13th).

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