Summer Crown

Hosted by The Kingdom of Avacal - SCA

Aug 30, 2019 – Sept 2, 2019
Quad War Site
GPS coordinates: 52°52'47.7"N 109°54'55.5"W near Marsden, SK
Site Opens: Aug 30, 3:00pm, Site closes: Sept 2, 1:00pm

Word from their Majesties

Avacal. A time for Heroes will soon be upon us. Acts of Valor and Chivalry will rain from the heavens as Avacal chooses the next heirs to the Gryphon throne. Their Majesties invite you all to witness this contest and judge the Victors worthy. In addition to the Crown tournament, history will be made as Avacal’s best vie to become the first Kingdom Bardic Champion of Avacal. But that’s not all. The event is packed full of activities for all members of the populous. So, bring your energy and enthusiasm and join us for a weekend of high adventure!!

Angar and Saxa, King and Queen of Avacal


Adult Event Registration- $30.00

Adult Member Discount Event Registration- $25.00

Youth Registration(< 18 years) - $0


For those who would like to pre-register for Summer Crown you can email me at or PM through Messenger with the following information:

SCA Name
Modern Name
SCA Membership No.
White/Blue Card

Thank you,

Dezzrianne Draganova doch'
Co-event Steward with Susan of Myrgan Wood


Please click HERE to view the tentative schedule.

Contacts for activities and approximate event schedule
Mixed Rapier: Fallen Friends: Tournament Sir Korsak and HL. Caiaphas

Invocation of the Lists (not in armour)
Rapier provost tournament Maestro Tommasso
Crown Tournament Sir Fergus (MIC)
TUA classes Mistress Una Henriksdotter
Heralic Competition Lord Amery Stewart
Court Master Tomasso

Curia Baron Kraig
Squires Tournament Sir Fergus (MIC)
A&S tournament Mistress Adelheid Holtzhauer
YAC tournament Sir Fergus (MIC)S
Archery: Iron Arrow Tournament MasterTonis
Bardic Championship Countess Karina de Elephantide

Crown Tournament

Greetings Avacal

For all those who wish to compete to become the Tenth King and Queen of Avacal.

The Avacal Crown Tournament
Will be standard double elimination. Knights Advantage.
Finals will be best of 5.

Shield size: Tournament Shield conventions apply.
Weapons: No Madu.

All entrants must have a Consort present. If your Consort cannot be present you must ask permission from the Crown. All entrants must come with a letter of intent to be presented during the processional. The quality of the letter of intent should reflect the seriousness of the position you vie for.

For the glory of Avacal
King Angar and Queen Saxa

Pre-registering for Crown:
Fighting Title; SCA Name and membership number, Inspirations title, name, and membership number
• easy and speed of tournament entry – you get to go in the pre-registered line up
• confirmation that you can fighting in crown
• membership numbers, authorization, etc is check ahead of time – not in a panic on the field
• The Lists Mistress is made happy and there is no need to sooth the List Mistress stress levels by bribing her with chocolate, alcohol, largess for the crown, etc
• You will be informed about the need for a tourney tile and a letter of intent () to be presented during the processional.
Disadvantages: NONE
• You need to type out your consort’s and your membership number and name, and email it to the list mistress.
(as opposed to madly running around on the day and then proving that your fighter authorization is up-to-date)
Myths I have heard:
• but what if I can’t make it to crown – my name will be on the lists.
o Not an issue: This is what markers are for.
• It is less stressful to just do it on the day.
o NO, it is not.

Tourney Tiles: (4 inches from center top to center bottom and 3.75 inches across the top from left to right. Holes 1/8 inch in diameter are 7/16 from the middle of the top edge (on center) and approximately 1/2 inch from the center bottom point (on center). The holes should be NO smaller than 1/8 inch as they become difficult to attach to the hanging hooks currently in use on the Kingdom List Board.)

What should be in a Letter of Intent: This is dependent on Their Majesties.
What should be in a letter of intent? Requirements for letters of intent vary, and sometimes a king and queen may specify something they want in them. If they don't specify, the letter can be as simple as your name and your prospective consort's name, and a statement that you wish to enter the crown tournament, or as elaborate as a long fancy letter telling everything either of you ever did in the Society, and praising the king and queen for deeds and virtues real and imagined. Aim for the compromise. You might tell a little about yourself, how long you've been in the Society, what you've done, what makes you qualified (give a little detail on where you live, the expiration of your membership, the status of your device, your ability and availability to travel to events in the kingdom, and anything that might seem interesting or pertinent), etc. The letter can be just from the entrant, but needs to name the person who's being championed. Put mundane names in there somewhere (maybe on a separate page, if you're carefully staying in personna) so your membership can be checked if necessary. You might send a copy of a mailing label or membership card. (This isn't required everywhere.)

Bardic Championship

Warmest Greetings Unto the Magnificent Bards of Avacal!
We give to thee,
Your Kingdom Bardic Championship!

Our Glorious Avacal has begun a won’drous age!
So splendid is Our artistry and craft!
The time has come to see it on Our stage,
Prepare to watch and weep, or sing, or laugh!
For Bards do keep the stories of our hearts,
They heal old wounds and bring new loves to light.
Come now to watch them ply Us with their arts,
And hear their magic in the songs they write!
For here in Mighty Avacal shall be,
A Kingdom Bardic Champion newly made!
Drink deeply of the wine of poetry,
Or listen to the poets skill displayed!
The Great Griffin shrills and We call all bards Before
the Crown to vie for great word fame.
Come entertain and earn Royal regards at Our Fall Crown,
And as the first, some Knowne World Arts acclaim!
Your Championship! 🏆

In Service, Laughter, Song and by the hand of Our
Glorious King and Queen,
Countess Karina de Elephantide 🐘🌹
Avacal Kingdom Bardic Deputy Officer
Avacal Cheerleader 🥳
Keeper of Promises

Fallen Friends Memorial Tournament

Good evening,

The Fallen Friend's Memorial Tournament is returning to September Crown and is more inclusive than ever. This year the armoured combatants are invited to gear up and join the rapier fighters.

We have had a one year change in time due to some schedule demands. The tournament will be held on Friday night starting before dark (time still to be confirmed) and finishing by torchlight (can you say candle light vigil?). On Sunday the archers will be joining in on the fun (more on that in another post).

Friday night there will be 2 activities;

1. Diamond / duos tournament. One armoured and one rapier fighter will partner up in this tournament. Each bout will be a best of 3.

2. Master Edmond 2-Hander rapier tournament - The traditional 2-Handed tournament.

I know information is think, more will be forthcoming.

For more information ask myself or;
Sir Korsak for armoured
Don Caiaphas for duos rapier
Baron Robert for 2-handed rapier.
Master Tonis for archery.

Kingdom Rapier Champion

Iron Arrow Tournament

Iron Arrow Tournament (Sunday after Bardic)

Greetings archers of Avacal!

The time has come, and as the Iron Arrow of Avacal, I get to challenge the archery champion of Avacal for bragging rights at Summer Crown!
The thing is, he beat me fair and square and I don’t feel I have the right to challenge the champion. So, we’ve talked and have come up with a mutual agreement.
There will still be an Iron Arrow Invitational shoot at Summer Crown on the Sunday of September 1, 2019, after the Bardic Championship!
To honour the tournament reason itself, there will still be teams, the Champion of Arrows’ (Archos Henry of Bohemia) team versus the Iron Arrow’s (Archos Tonis van Hoorn) team, so come pick a side, but it is not the true reason for this tournament.
The twist? You are all invited!! But here is the catch;
we are tying in with the Fallen Friends Tournaments.
To enter the list, you will need to shoot in memory of someone.
A friend, a loved one, a family member, the choice is yours.
The person you choose to represent need not have ever played in the SCA.
Before the shoot begins there will be a round of introductions, as with the other marshal activities.
Introduce yourself, where you are from, your inspiration (if you have one), the team you chose, and the name of the person whose memory you are choosing to honour.
The tournament itself will be: Six Arrows in your own time at 20(ish), 30(ish), and 40(ish) yards. There will be no timed end.
There will be a prize for best overall archer, and mention of the winning team. So come out, shoot, and have fun.
More importantly come out to honour those who have travelled on before us.

YiS Tonis van Hoorn


Event Stewards:
Dezzrianne Draganova Doch’ (Dezz Windecker-Klassen), 306-382-7420 (no calls after 9pm),
Susan of Myrgan Wood (Susan Slater),
Merchants Row: Lady Diana Africana (Charity Olynyk)
Sanitation Crew: Houjou Ayame (Lizzie Montgomery)


Please register with myself by this Friday

Hear ye, hear ye o' mighty merchants of Avacal. The chance to display the fruits of your labour and make merry with the purses of the kingdom is upon you. Crown approaches us, in just over a fortnight . If you are desirous of the chance to display and merchant your wares at Crown please contact me at with the name of your ship, the items you have available and how much space you desire.

Many thanks in advance,

Yours' in service,'
Lady Diana Africana

Directions to the Site

From the West - Wainright, Alberta: Travel East on Highway 14 AB, this becomes Highway 40 SK at the border. Proceed 8km past the border and turn North (left) on Artlan Road (this is opposite of Suffern Lake turn off #680). Travel 4.6km north and turn West (left) on to field road.
From the East - Battleford, Saskatchewan: Travel West on Highway 40 SK to Marsden, SK. Continue 5km past Marsden and turn North (right) on Artlan Road (this is opposite of Suffern Lake turn off #680). Travel 4.6km north and turn West (left) on to field road

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