Bardic Activities & Period Music

Myrgan Wood is strong in bardic and period music activies. Several of Avacal's bards live locally and are willing to share their knowledge and talents to the populous.

Bardic at Spring Champions 2016

There was a bardic competition at Spring Champions in Dalmeny. Our Myrgan Wood Chatelaine, Amya Lyghtfot, asked that the competition could include poetry, dance, recitation, storytelling, etc. but exclude song and music at this event. The populace was treated to several interesting performances!

Bardic at Skald the Hall

Beginning in 2017, Myrgan Wood will host a new annual event "Skald the Hall". The focus of this event will be the Arts and Youth. The next Bardic competition will be held at this event on March 4, 2017.

Minister Art & Sciences

  • Minister of Arts & Sciences

    Alric the Indecisive

    Arts and Sciences are just what they sound like. The line between what is an "art" and what is a "science" is often blurred, hence one person organizes workshops in both areas, and helps people find others to help them in specific areas of interest.

Making of a Hurdy Gurdy

Greylore Lutes has built hurdy gurdy instruments! Here is a collection of photos and video documenting its creation.

  • Hurdy1
  • Hurdy2
  • Hurdy3
  • Hurdy4
  • Hurdy5
  • Hurdy6
  • Hurdy7
  • Hurdy8
  • Hurdy9
  • Hurdy10
  • Hurdy11
  • Hurdy12
  • Hurdy13
  • Hurdy14

Greylore Lutes is also an expert in other medieval and period instruments, including the lute and early renaissance guitars.

Visit Graylore Lutes Website

Avacal Bardic Songbook

The Avacal Bardic Song book is a collection of material compiled by Kataryna Tkach, intended as a source for learning and a method recording the popular songs of Avacal.

See the Avacal Bardic Book by Kataryna

Last updated 1 September 2016