All the following contacts can also be reached via email using The contact link will open a new page to the relevant Sigelhundas community site contact us form.

TitleSCA NamePosition Description
Seneshal Raghnall Crannog This position is equivilent to the president of the group. They will oversee the other officers in the group as well as dealing with any legal details in running the group. They will be able to direct any queries to the correct person.
Chatelaine Myghchaell Loughlin This positions job is to make new members (or members new to our area) find their way comfortably into our group. This is also the contact if you are interested in information regarding having the group run a demo.
Webmaster Contact Raghnall Crannog This position is in charge of maintaining the official Shire website as well as moderating the Shire email list.