12th Night AS LII/2018

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20 Jan. AS LII/2018
Montengarde (Calgary, AB)
Event Steward
William Bennet
Airdrie Town and Country Centre
A&S Championship
Rapier Championship

Event Highlights

Die Zwölfte Nacht ist traditionell ein tag der fröhlichkeit. Twelfth Night is traditionally a day of revelry.

Freiherr Peter and Freifrau Brangwayn invite you to join them in a day of revelry. Join them in celebrating the conclusion of a monumental year for the Barony and the start of another year of glory.

The day will feature competitions to determine the news Baronial arts and sciences and rapier champions. There will be tournaments for armoured and youth armoured combat and archery. We will have bardic and youth activities, including jousting, as well as the always popular court where many great people will be recognized. Viscount Kirk and his team will be preparing a feast that will be spoken of glowingly for years to come.

Archers of Avacal,

Friday January 19 we will behaving a social and shoot at the Calgary Archery Center from 19:00 to 21:00 and beers after. There will not be a shoot Saturday, but be Friday instead.

There will be a competition, and it will be come in anytime between 19:00 and 21:00 and shoot it.

Archos Henry of Bohemia

Schedule: Friday: 7pm-9pm Archery tournament and social at the Calgary Archery Centre Saturday:

9 hall opens
9ish - Archery starts off site
9:30 - Armoured inspections
10 - 1130 - Armoured combat
11 - A&S Hall opens and set-up begins
11:30 - Children's Jousting
12 - 5 (or 6) - A&S Championship
12 - 1 - Youth Armoured
1 - Rapier Championship inspections
1:30 - 4:30 - Rapier Championship
5 - hall changeover for feast
6 - 7:30 Feast
7:30 - kingdom and Baronial Court

midnight-ish - hall closes

The list of awards given out on the Avacal OP


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Sample: Twelfth Night Pictures By Lord Joe Populace

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