Alcohol Policy

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The consumption of alcohol at events, and thus alcohol policy is governed by the modern laws of the country, province/state, district, community, and facilities/hall/site where the event is held; then SCA policy, Branch policy, and Event Steward willingness, in that order.

As the SCA rents its event sites, these rulings are at the discretion of the site owners, not the autocrats.

Below are some terms we use to describe how alcohol may be consumed on site. Do not use these in event copies.


Dry means absolutely no alcohol is allowed on the site. If a site is dry, please don't even bring alcohol to the event. If found out, you could be asked to leave the event, and you may endanger the reputation of the group with the site owners.

Discreetly Wet

Discreetly Wet means that alcohol is allowed but please keep it in period containers and consumption should be discreet.


Wet means that open consumption of alcohol is allowed subject to mundane laws and common courtesy.