Angar Skeggisson

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Resides: Borealis, Avacal
Date Started: DATE STARTED
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Angar Skeggison.png

Sable, a natural tiger passant argent striped sable, in base a coronet Or, on a bordure argent an orle of chain sable

Also known as Angar Ninefingers


  • Champion of Sword (Borealis Old) Aug 29, 1998 (AS XXXIII) through Sep 18, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
  • Award of Arms (An Tir) By: Sven Gunnarsson, Signy Oksendahl Oct 17, 1998 (AS XXXIII)
  • Tanist of Avacal (Avacal) By: Shamus van de Ponseele, Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo Jun 5, 1999 (AS XXXIV) through Aug 20, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
  • Prince of Avacal (Avacal) By: Shamus van de Ponseele Aug 20, 1999 (AS XXXIV) through Feb 26, 2000 (AS XXXIV)
  • Silverwolf (Borealis Old) By: John Macleod the Black, Kirstin MacBheath Sep 18, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
  • Viscount (Avacal) By: Eric the Trespasser, Cailleach Aine Feb 26, 2000 (AS XXXIV)
  • Silver Griffin (Avacal) By: Gunther Rorikson, Catriona McManus Jun 2, 2001 (AS XXXVI)
  • Champion of Sword (Borealis Old) Sep 29, 2001 (AS XXXVI) through Sep 30, 2002 (AS XXXVII)
  • Princess' Knott (Avacal) By: Maraigha ni Sean de Sianan Jan 19, 2002 (AS XXXVI)
  • Knight (An Tir) By: Wilam Tjorkillsson, Siobhan McClure Apr 13, 2002 (AS XXXVI)
  • Silver Rose (An Tir) By: Davin Steingrimsson, Groa May 17, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
  • Muckin' Tall Maul (An Tir) May 18, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
  • Goutte de Sang (An Tir) By: Gunnarr Brunwulf, Gabriell MacBain Aug 30, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
  • King's Favor (An Tir) By: Styrkarr Jarlsskald Dec 13, 2014 (AS XLIX)
  • Iron Maul (Avacal) By: Wernar Ivarsson, Helene Charesse Feb 13, 2016 (AS L)
  • Baron & Baroness's Favor (Montengarde) By: Kraig von Langenthal, Una Heinrichsdottir Jan 20, 2017 (AS LI)
  • Winged Lynx (Avacal) By: Albrecht von Rügen, Munya bint Halima al-Rakkasa al-Nashita Mar 25, 2017 (AS LI)
  • Sable Drum (Montengarde) By: Peter von Setzingen, Brangwayn Hesson the Everpresent Jan 20, 2018 (AS LII)
  • Mountains of Montengarde (Montengarde) By: Peter von Setzingen, Brangwayn Hesson the Everpresent Jan 19, 2019 (AS LIII)
  • Baron's Favor (Montengarde) By: Peter von Setzingen Jan 19, 2019 (AS LIII)
  • Baroness's Favor (Montengarde) By: Brangwayn Hesson the Everpresent Jan 19, 2019 (AS LIII)
Sir Angar vs Sir Ellias in the Semifinals of Avacal's First Crown. Spring 2015
Angar and the Iron Maul Summer Coronation 2016