Avacal February Investiture XLII/2008

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February 22, 2008 to February 24, 2008
Barony of Borealis, Edmonton, AB
Event Stewards
AEdelred Willelmes sunu & Jean de Chauliac
Thorsby Community Hall in Thorsby, Alberta

Event Highlights

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Gentles all!

You are invited by Vik Vikingsson and Inga the Unfettered, Baron and Baroness of Borealis, on behalf of His Majesty Cedric Rolfsson and their Highnesses Kvigr and Linnet, to join and bear witness to the investing of their Excellencies, Einar Vikingsson and Ifatahyo al-Jenne as our new Prince and Princess of Avacal! Sharpen thy swords and don thyne bucklers to compete to be the new honoured Champion of Rapier. Study thy tomes and create thy works of art to be the most honoured Champion of Arts and Science. All to take place at Avacal Investiture. Come and join the fabulous chefs of Borealis as they create a wonderful English feast! This season's event is to be hosted by the Barony of Borealis at the Thorsby Community Hall in Thorsby, Alberta.

Opens Friday at 4:00 pm and closes Sunday at 1:00pm

Site fees:

  • Member: $10.00
  • Non members add a $3.00 nms
  • Children under 12 are free.
  • Feast: $10.00, total $23.00


Presented by His Majesty An Tir Cedric Rolfsson

  • Kvigr Ivarsson (Myrgan Wood) Knight
  • Anthony Delaroche (Myrgan Wood) Lion's Cub
  • Althea Tamborri (Montengarde) Jambe de Lion
  • James the Quixotic (Montengarde) Goutte de Sang
  • Katelijne van der Ast (Lions Gate) Jambe de Lion

Presented by Their Highnesses Avacal Kvigr and Linnet

  • Ceara O'Ceallaigh (Bitter End) Princess' Knott
  • Eira Halladottir (Myrgan Wood) Princess' Knott
  • Guillemin de Rouen (Lions Gate) Elder
  • Sina Erdeneva (Borealis) Elder
  • Oxara Grimskalla (Bitter End) Prince's Favour
  • Gabrielle of the Leaf (Bitter End) Prince's Favour
  • Eira Halladottir (Myrgan Wood) Prince's Favour
  • Malcolm de Bruce (Bitter End) Prince's Favour
  • Gnar Grimskalla (Bitter End) Prince's Favour
  • Einar Vikingsson (Borealis) Prince/Princess
  • Ifatahyo al-Jenne (Montengarde) Prince/Princess

Presented by Their Highnesses Avacal Einar Vikingsson and Ifatahyo al-Jenne

  • Robert of Clan Gunn (Borealis) Champion of Rapier
  • Dyrfinna the Wanderer (Montengarde) Champion of Arts and Science

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