Avacal February Investiture XXXIII/1999

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February 27, 1999
Valley Wold
Aleksandria Kat'ryna Calverleigh and Percival Calverleigh
Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans hall (Moose Jaw, SK)

Here Ye, Here Ye, one and all. Valley Wold would like to invite the populace of An Tir to the crowning of our next Prince and Princess of Avacal, as well as the choosing of the new Bravo and Arts& Sciences Champions.

This is to take place on 27th February A.S.XXXIII at the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans hall (112 1st N.E.) Moose Jaw, SK. A block of rooms has been reserved for the S.C.A. for the 26 & 27 February 1999 at the Heritage Inn, 1590 Main Street N. The rooms will be held until 12 February 1999. If you need crash space please inform the Autocrat when making your reservation.

The site opens at 9:00 am. It would be greatly appreciated if all meetings required to take place before court be started by 10:00 am and be done by 11:30 am.

Schedule (subject to Their Highness’ approval) 10 - 11:30 am: Meetings 11:30 am: Lists open / Armor Inspection 12:00 pm: Court 1:30 pm: Lists close / Final armor inspection 2:00 - 5:00 pm: Rapier Tournament / Arts & Sciences Competition 7:00 pm – Feast (to begin promptly) Fees: Prior to 12 February 1999: $15.00 After 12 February 1999: $20.00 Children (under 16): $0.50 per year of age Off-board: $5.00

Directions: Take Main Street to Manitoba Street, turn left. Take your first left onto 1st Street E. The hall is on your left-hand side. There is no parking in the ANA VETS parking lot, but there is lots of parking around the hall. There is NO charge for meter parking on the week-ends.

Autocrats: Aleksandria Kat'ryna Calverleigh (Sue Thomas) wyvern@dlcwest.com and Percival Calverleigh (Perry Thomas )

Feastocrats: Bridge & Treasiogh O'Gearth Weathm (Teresa & Tracey North)


   Vik and Catriona
       *PKnot Zared Mackeen
       *PKnot Steinn Vikingsson
       *PKnot Eirika mjoksiglanda
       *PKnot Mordecai Salzer
   Aveloc and Laurellen
       *Knight Murchad mac Artgal
       *OWS Raoul Delaroche
       *GdS Leifr Stormraven
       *AoA Thordis Svanlaug Grimmsdottir
       *AoA Bjar the Blue
       *AoA Tiran Iolar
       *AoA Juhani Bluefletching
       *Prince Seamus van de Pontseele
       *Princess Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo
   Seamus and Esperanza
      *Viscountess Catriona McManus
       *LVE Catriona McManus
       *AoA Loveday the Ribald
       *AoA Effric Campbell
       *AoA Sveinn Hardfari
       *AoA Alekzandra Ekatrina Romanova
       *AoA Percival Calverleigh
       *Champion A&S Fabienne L'Accussee
       *Rapier Champion Raoul Delaroche
       *Elder Adeline vom Schwarzwald

Event Highlights

Personal Memories

This was our last event before leaving Avacal for Ealdormere. I mostly remember the stepping down court where Vik & Catrionia finished in record time. I believe it was just 15 minutes to do everything including releasing and thanking retinue (which we were a part of). - Manyra

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