Avacal June Coronet Tournament XLIV/2009

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5-7 June, XLIV/2009
Rhuddglyn Medicine Hat & Brooks AB
Event Stewards
Manyra Thorinsdottir and Fáelán O’Daláigh
Emerson Bridge Campground (Brooks, AB)
Heavy combat tournament

Event Highlights

The Shire of Rhuddglyn was pleased to host Their Majesties Vik & Inga and Their Highnessess Hjalti & Eirika for Avacal's Coronet Tournament, June 5-7, 2009.

It was held at the lovely Emerson Bridge Campground, north of Brooks, AB. The weather was unseasonably cold & wet but the 123 attendees still had fun.


Court Report (as posted to the Avacal Circus by Mästarinna Ula Brennasdottir): The following events occurred in the court of Their Royal Majesties Vik and Inga this weekend at Avacal June Coronet in the Shire of Rhuddglyn.

Their Royal Majesties opened Their court with a welcome to the populace and thanked all for attending the event.

Their Majesties presented gifts to Their Highnesses Hjalti and Eirika of Avacal.

Their Majesties also presented gifts to Mistress Manyra & Lord Faelan, autocrats of the event.

Their Royal Majesties, Vik and Inga then requested that the Order of the Pelican attend Them. Once all were assembled They called forth Sadb ingen Thuathail, of Vinjar. After many words of support from the Order, Their Majesties were minded to admit Sadb to their ranks.

Their Majesties again thanked the populace for such a wonderful event and invited Their Highnesses Hjalti and Eirika to conduct Principality court. Whereupon Viscount Steinn Vikingsson and Viscountess Gemma Delaroche were invested as heirs of Avacal. Their Majesties presented Their Excellencies Steinn and Gemma with gifts in honor of their victory that day.

Pol of the Black Fist requested time in Their Highnesses court to present gifts to the assembled Royalty. When he reached Her Majesty, She presented him with Her personal token in appreciation of his long friendship and personal service to Them.

Other items:

Silver Griffin: L Bazz Steinnsson and A'isha Rayhana al-Karim.
Fáelán O'dálaigh was awarded a Gilded Griffin.

Squire Tournament Results

W=wins, L=losses, T=total number of fights

  • Fenrick - didn't report
  • Bazz - 40W, 8L, 48T
  • Kirk - 22W, 14L, 36T
  • Hraerik - 12W, 16L, 28T
  • Peter - didn't report
  • Volchuk - 6W, 3L, 9T
  • John Guthrie - 7W, 28L, 35T
  • Valerius - 14W, 15L, 29T
  • Tanwen - 6W, 24L, 30T
  • Leif - 25W, 18L, 43T
  • Seamus - 25W, 28L, 53T
  • Cynewulf - 18W, 27L, 45T
  • Malcolm - 39W, 17L, 56T
  • Ogedei - 42W, 24L, 66T
  • Raoul - 7W, 7L, 14T
  • Karim - 7W, 25L, 32T
  • Kathryn - 8W, 7L, 15T
  • Guillemin - 6W, 29L, 35T
  • Jajiradai - 4W, 7L, 11T
  • Eric Shaversson - 5W, 3L, 8T
  • Caius - 11W, 21L, 32T
  • Khudykha - 25W, 21L, 46T
  • T'Sheya - 22W, 33L, 55T
  • Toryn - 1W, 3L, 4T



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