Avacal November Coronet Tournament XL/2005

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November 25, 2005 to November 27, 2005
Event copy 
My Lords & Ladies Their Highnesses Prince Einar Vikingsson and Princess Ifatahyo al- Jenne invite you to attend them in the Barony of Borealis (Edmonton, AB.) on the most auspicious occasion of choosing the heirs to the thrones of Avacal!! This event will take place at Sandhills Community Centre located between the mundane cites of Edmonton & Spruce Grove. The site offers overnight hall camping & hot showers. Join us in the fine spectacle of the contests and a special presentation.

The site opens at 7pm Friday Nov. 25th for early arrivals & hall campers. The event hall will be open at 8 am to begin the festivities. Many motels & hotels are available within 10 minutes of the site (west Edmonton, Spruce Grove, & Devon)

Site fee only: $9.00
Feast fee only: $19.00
Please note a $4.00 discount will be available to all card carrying SCA members.
Please make all cheques payable to the ASCA
12 & under are free of charge.

Barony of Borealis Edmonton, AB
Dante Machiavelli
Sandhills Community Center, 52032 Range Road 780, Spruce Grove, AB
Cold, but not enough to keep some from fighting outside.
7pm Hall will be open for decorating & to travelers who are overnighting
8:00 Hall Opens
8:45 - 9:15 White Scarf Meeting
9:30 - 10:30 Rapier Cadet Tourney - LOTR & LOVE Tea
9:45 Chivalry Meeting
10:30 Laurels Meeting
10:30 Youth Tourney (5 to 14 year olds) (the Chivalry is invited to advise our new recruits with their learned wisdom)
11:00 Coronet Lists Open
11:15 Pelicans Meeting
11:30 Armor Inspection begins
Noon Coronet Lists close
12:30 Morning Court - Invocation of the Lists
Immediately following Coronet Tourney - Investiture of the Tanist and Tanista
4:30 - 5:30 Squires Tourney
6:00 Nobles Estate Meeting
7:00 Feast
Evening Court during the Feast
Following Evening Court the A&S Auction will be held then……………….
Bardic ‘til the cows come home
8:00 - 10:00 am Breakfast in the Hall and final clean up
10:00 am Curia (will be held off site at a west Edmonton facility TBA)

Event Highlights

Attended by Uther and Angharad VI


Uther and Angharad

   Pelican Roxanne Delaroche
   Pelican Kraig Landentall
   Pelican Manyra Thorinsdottir
   JdL Ifatahyo al-Jenne
   JdL Iain Archibald Guthrie
   JdL Galena Nicoletti
   GdS Ceis of Ravensrift
   GdS Sybell Nathayra Deya
   OGGS Malabar Membro Spaccata
   AoA James the Quixotic
   AoA Rowan Corsini
   AoA Sunni
   BR William Bennett
   Baron Dietrich von Kleeve (Baron of Myrgan Wood)
   Baroness Hélène Charesse (Baroness of Myrgan Wood)
   Branch status change Shire to Barony Borealis
   Baron Vik Vikingson (Baron of Borealis)
   Baroness Inga the Unfettered (Baroness of Borealis)
   Branch status change Incipient Shire to Shire Rhuddglyn

Einar and Ifatahyo

   Tanist Kvigr Ivarsson
   Tanista Chikaku Kawa no Shunzei
   AoA Bazz Steinnsson
   SG Hjalti the Wonder Viking
   SG Eirika mjoksiglanda
   WC Beothuk of the Beothuks
   WC Wilma the Still
   GA Vik Vikingson


Photos by Beothuk

Nov Coronet 2005.jpg

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