Avacal Summer Coronation AS LIII/2018

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June 1-3, AS LIII/2018
Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Sk)
Event Steward
Sir Hrogn Gunthersson & HL Astrid of Myrgan Wood
Quad War
Coronation of Ivar the Black and Asney Grimolfrsdottir
Champion of Sword Tournament
Champion of Arrow Tournament

Event Highlights

From the event copy: "To celebrate this momentous occasion, there will be a plethora of activities geared towards one and all. They will also be choosing new Champions of Sword and Arrow and these tournaments will run on Saturday. The populace is encouraged to bring banners, flags and period shades to the field. In addition to these prestigious tournaments, there will also be opportunities in Rapier, Youth Combat and many Arts and Sciences classes.

The Armoured and Archery Champions tournaments will not be the only chances to participate in these disciplines. There will be an open shoot for our Archers and a Torchlight Tournament for our Armoured fighters. On Sunday we will all come together and enjoy an Avacal Combination Tournament, combining 3 person teams from Armoured, Rapier and YAC."

A presentation of the Riderless Horse Ceremony

The list of awards given out on the Avacal OP


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