Avacal Summer Coronation L/2015

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Avacal's First Coronation!

June 26-27, 2015/XL
Shire of Bitter End, Red
Event Steward
Rhyannon Akiko Wettenhale
Benalto Ag Grounds
Avacal's First Coronation
Coronation of Albrecht von Rügen and Nasheeta Al-Rakkasa
Royalty from all over the Known World in attendance.

Hear ye, hear ye! Gather you all into Avacal and hear the mighty roar of the Griffon, as a new Kingdom is made! Avacal! The time has come to crown a King, our King! The Time to crown a Queen, our Queen! The known world is invited to witness this momentous occasion. Come from far and wide to witness the coronation of the first King and Queen of the Kingdom of Avacal! Avacal! Together we conquer!

The event activities will include: the first Kingdom Heavy Champions Tournament, the first Kingdom Archery Champions Tournament, Squires, Cadet, and Equestrian Tourneys, classes, courts, and many celebrations!

Event Highlights

Representatives from eight kingdoms of the Knowne World and the BOD attend . Savric and Dalla , King and Queen of An Tir in attendance. Weather was hot 30C !The reading of the Laws and the Marshallate rules by a chorus of speakers at the eric at 8am. Gunther and Amethyst step down as the last Prince and Princess of the Principality of Avacal. A heartfelt speech and the end of an era to thunderous applause and cheers. An Tir presents a scroll with change of Avacal from principality to kingdom. The release of fealties , champions.The history of Royalty of Avacal is read. The cloud shaped like Fluffy. Sir Albrecht Crowns himself First King of Avacal as the sun breaks out of the clouds and then Crowns his inspiration Nasheeta as First Queen of Avacal. The swearing of fealty by officers and champions and peerage on through to the populace. Behold the 20th Kingdom of the SCA at the start of the Fiftieth Year of the Society .Court lasts well into the evening and begins the next morning.

The list of awards given out on the Avacal OP


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