Avacal Tir Righ War I

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Avacal/Tir Righ War

June 27, 2008 to June 29, 2008
Ramsgaard (Kamloops, BC)
Adwen Wrenn

In the northern principalities of An Tir War has been declared! Avacal and Tir Righ will meet upon the field of battle and bring great wordfame the Their lands! Join us near beautiful Wells Gray Provincial Park in Clearwater BC, just over 7 hours from Edmonton, less than 6 from Vancouver: the middle ground! Merchants are welcome- merchants must pre register and are strongly encouraged to have period tents and wares.

  • 2pm Site Opens
  • 6-11pm stone soup
  • Siege A&S packages available for pick up
  • Youth challenge packets available for pick up
  • 9am Rapier & Archers Muster
  • 9:30 Target Archery
  • 9:30 Class- TBA
  • 10am Rapier Scenarios Begin
  • 11:30 Class -Constructing a French Hood
  • 12:30 Heavies Muster
  • 1pm Class-Finger Loop Braiding
  • 1:30 Heavy scenarios begin
  • 2:30 Class - Welcome to the SCA
  • 3:30 Class- Historical Rosaries & Paternosters
  • 4pm Rapier Champions Tournament
  • 5pm All Siege A&S and Youth Challenges must be in.
  • 6pm Marshmallow Throw
  • 7pm Court
  • 8pm Games & Party in the Square & Sangria Contest!
  • 10am Class: Thrown Weapons
  • 11am Thrown Weapons Prize Tourney
  • 11:30 Class-Henna
  • 12noon Volunteer Draw
  • 6pm Event ends
War Points
Avacal Tir Righ WAR
  • Volunteer: (1 Point for each 20 hours)

A Point will be awarded based on the amount of volunteer hours put in by a principality (not including autocrat team). 1 Point for each 20 hours. This will be determined by counting the ballots in the volunteer draw boxes. Each volunteer will get one ballot for each hour worked: calculated Sunday before closing court.

  • A&S Siege Challenges: (4 Points)

Bag: Create a bag to be donated to largess at the end of the competition. (Children and Youth may keep their creations) All materials will be provided on site and must not be added to apart from adding ONE element and using your own needles and scissors, but may be traded amongst competitors. A Point will be awarded for each category: Adult, Expert (Laurel, or principality champion, professional) A prize will be offered for the best piece in each category of Child (under 10) Youth (10 -14) Pottery: Create something out of a tiny ball of clay. Bardic: A Point will be given to the most memorable bardic display.

  • Archery 3 Points:

Scenario one Advancing line shoot As the forces of Tir Righ and Avacal meet the archers are working as skilled infantry shooters to pepper the enemy lines with arrows. A line of archers advance as foot troops on a stationary target, the archers must advance, knock, and loose in time with one another. Scenario 2 Sniper shoot The lines have broken and the enemy has take cover, you must hit the opposing troops through the wall they are hiding behind. Elimination style shoot from random distance. Scenario 3 Timed obstacle shoot to save your Prince! The princes of Avcal and Tir Righ have met on the battle field, you must save your prince by shooting his adversary but do not hit the Crown Prince of AnTir! Archers will shot this one at a time. Archer will have a set time to advance and fire using archers “shields” for cover. Archers will have a set time to complete this course, and must fire from each position.

  • Rapier 3 Points:

Scenario 1 Both sides meet on the field of battle. This scenario is the first of many excursions for the Defenders to quell the Invading Army. This scenario meet in an open field (or as open as we can find), and pit the Champion's ability to lead the forces of their Principalities. This is a great warm-up battle to allow the chaos of battle and see what Melee is about. Ressurections - No RBG's: Yes, 1 shot/gun (Equal Guns/Side) Time - No time limit, but it should last approximately 20 mins Points 1 point to the victorious side. Scenario 2 The victors of the first battle have pushed into the enemy territory, but the border between our lands is mountainous and treacherous, with 1 choke point that the defenders can try to slow or halt the advance. Can the attackers break through these defences and hold them to complete a successful raid? Win Outcomes: If the invaders succeed in taking the banner out of the ground (held by a banner holder) and they are alive to hold it over their shoulders; then the invaders win. If the defenders succeed in staving off the invaders for a full time of 15 minutes and with their banner staying in the ground and rising less then the shoulder length; then the defenders win. Note: this battle occurs again with the invaders now the defenders and vice versa. Resurrections: No RBG's: No Time Limit: Yes, 15 Minutes Points: 1 point awarded to victor of outcomes Scenario 3 Capture the Flag is the theme for this scenario, as each team tries to capture the each other's flag while defending theirs. Each team will have their respective banner behind them to start off, the banner cannot be moved by the side which protects it (unless it is dropped by an opposing team, then it must returned to the banner holder). Each team will protect their banner while attempting to capture the other team's banner. The victorious side will capture the other's banner and bring it back to their banner holder. The team that completes this first will win the scenario. Resurrections Points will be on opposing sides in the middle of the field, Avacal Right, Tir Righ Left (this is to prevent resurrecting near the banners and guarding). Resurrections: Yes Unlimited RBG's: Yes, 1 shot/gun (Equal Guns/Side) Time Limit: Yes 15 Mins Points: 1 point awarded to victor of outcomes Scenario 4 The Champions meet in a final battle to decide the War Point for Rapier If the results are tied, then the chosen few (10 each side) will fight in a melee with the armies of the Principalities watching and cheering on. If the War Point is decided, then this battle is for honour and representing our respective Principalities and for the fun of it. There will be 10 fighters aside that will fight till there is only one side standing. Resurrections: No RBG's: No Time Limit: No Limit Points: 1 point awarded to the victor

  • Heavy: up to 5 points

A push war with 3 battles, a side must win the first battle before moving onto the next. A Principality will have to win each battle in order to win the war. i.e.: if X wins the Field Battle we move onto the Bridge Battle, if Y wins the Bridge Battle we move back to the Field battle, if Y wins the Field Battle we then move back to the Bridge Battle. Field Battle (with Archers) Bridge Battle (no Archers) Relic Battle (with Archers) Relic Battle: The principality that won the last Bridge Battle must seize control of the fort. Defenders must split their troops however they wish between the inside of the fort and the Relic, (a large object requiring two people to carry) If the defenders can get the relic into the fort they win and the battle is pushed back to the Bridge.

  • Secret Points:

There will be several top secret points for pre-determined activities through out the weekend, so do your best, you never know what might be worth a point to your Principality!

There is no cost for classes.

Class Sizes are limited, please sign up at the A&S pavilion in the Town Square Saturday morning.

  • Stitches: Learn some dark age stitches, perhaps to use one your siege bag??
  • Constructing a French Hood: Ahhh, Anne Boleyn! Of all the things she did, bringing the French Hood to the English court is one of the better known. This class will focus on teaching you the methods and materials, both period and modern, that can be used to construct a classic French Hood. We will also cover a little bit of portrait interpretation, and see the progression of the French hood from the Tudor through Elizabethan periods. We will also be making a mock-up in paper of a french hood, a hands-on approach to the first step!
  • Finger Loop Braiding: In the class we will cover one or two variations of five-loop cord, and discuss possible uses. If time allows, we will cover a third variation using ten loops.
  • Welcome to the SCA: Pointy Hats and colored belts - forms of address and fealty in the SCA

-Cabbage soccer -Knock Your Block Off Tourney -Scavenger Hunt -Puppet Making and Story Telling


Ramsgaard's Pied Piper is sponsoring a TREBUCHET/CATAPAULT making contest! Prizes awarded for best working trebuchet or catapault (one that can fling a mini-marshmallow the furthest!) Adult and child category. Entries may be made prior or on site. Bring completed entries to the Pied Piper. Games & Party in the Square & Sangria Contest! Saturday night after court join Their Highnesses in the Town Square for an evening of fun! Casino style games, fundraisers and fun raisers. Since the Princess of Tir Righ has a certain...fondness...for this particular drink, we are going to have a Sangria contest! There are so many recipes and so many ways to make it, and we have decided that we should narrow down which is really the best (and then Her Highness would like the recipe!!). This will be a no-war-points, totally-for-fun kind of thing, with the sangria being a donation towards the evening's festivities, so there will be no cost to try it. There will be a prize for the best recipe. Participants will have to provide their own "dispensing" system, and samplers would be expected to bring their ID (19 is the drinking age in BC) and own drinking vessel. You can enter a recipe individually or as a team of any number, with no minimum amount.

Site Rules

~NO MESSING WITH THE BUFFALO they are not pets, they don't tip, just leave them be. ~Pets must be cleaned up after and controlled at all times. ~No Smoking, even in you own camp, unless it's ok with all your neighbours. We're in a horse field so please depose of your butts properly. ~No ground fires. ~If you have a brazier you must also have an extinguisher ~Please be aware of noise after 11pm - no drumming etc. ~Please keep to our areas of the property, there will be other groups renting other portions. ~Secure your trash & coolers. ~BC drinking age is 19 years old.

Site fee
Adults $18 (plus NMS $3.00) Youth (13-18 yrs.) $10 Children 12 and under free. Pre Register! http://www.antir.sca.org/Pubs/forms/29_ATWar08.pdf Pre Reg closes June 20th *PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR NSCA WAIVER AS WELL AS SCA*
Site Info

Name: Trophy Mountain Buffalo Ranch 4373 Clearwater Valley Road Clearwater, BC V0E 1N0