Avacal War Practice

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War Practice started in 2006 originally on January 24 but postponed to March 10-12th, an idea started by Ferghail of Mrygan Wood. The site was chosen because Ferghail spent time in the area as a young child and knew of the Alsask Gym. It was an old radar base and the gym had showers, heat and a kitchen.

Food - really good food - was provided by donation, attendees slept in the hall. There was talk of Merango burgers, amazing bbq's, cazy people traveling up from Northshield and homme ball.

In 2007, there was a change in how events were put on the Avacal Calendar and so Rhuddglyn was asked to host AWP. The branch has hosted the weekend at the Alsask Community Centre for 3 years. In 2010, the town of Alsask change the managers of our rental site and ceased to heat the gym. So the practice was put on hold for the year.

The event came back in March 2011 & 2012, held at the Seven Persons Community Hall, run by Caius & Manyra. All accounts were positive but we were unable to host it again.