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An Award of Arms is the lowest level of armigerous rank awarded by the Crown, generally to those who have become recognized integrated participants in the Society. When Avacal was a principality, The Crown of An Tir granted Principality Coronets the privilege of bestowing AA's to subjects of Their Principalities in the name of the Crown.

Despite the name, one does not need a Award of Arms to register a device - it simply becomes your arms after you receive the award. You don't need a registered device to receive an AoA, but your scroll won't have your device should you be awarded arms. Arms may also be awarded to groups and households. Court Baronies, by corpora, come with an Award of Arms if the recipient does not already have arms.

Sometimes referred to as "AA" or "AoA" (ay-oh-ay)

Title: Entitles the recipient to style him or herself "Lord" (note capital) or "Lady." They are properly addressed as "my Lord" or "my Lady." See also: Forms of Address

Avacal has many specific awards that convey an Award of Arms.

Sable Wing
Sable Saddle
Sable Flute
Sable Flame
Sable Glove
The Black Shield
The Black Arrow
Court Baronetcy

Listing of those awarded arms