Borealis Spring Faire XXXVI/2002

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13 Apr XXXVI/2002
Orin Rasmussen
Hosting Branch 
Parkview Community League, 9135-146 St., Edmonton, AB

Court Report

Notes from Their Royal Majesties Court

Spring Faire

Greetings, noble cousins!

The following business occured in the Borealis Spring Faire court of Their Royal Majesties, Wilam and Siobhan, King and Queen of An Tir. Her Ladyship Bebhinn ingen Aoidh has written the following account.

The fair Barony of Borealis was graced by the presence of our Most August Majesties Wilam and Siobhan at the annual Borealis Spring Faire. Their Majesties must command even the weather, for it was truly the first warm, Spring-like day of the season.

After a day of much activity, and a feast that is sure to be talked about for generations to come, Their Majesties saw fit to hold Their court as they had business with several gentles there present.

The Avacal Sanguinaris Herald, Lord Eibhear o'Seanochain, was called before Their Majesties. Lord Eibhear was Granted arms and added to the rolls of the Order of the Goutte de Sang. There was much rejoicing!

Ogedei, Mongol Extraordinaire was then singled out for his service to Principality and Kingdom, and his name also added to the rolls of the Order of the Goutte de Sang. There was more rejoicing!

His Majesty then summoned his brother Knights forth to conclude business he had begun at Ursulmas last. Viscount Angar had been placed on vigil to contemplate the responsibilities of the Chivalry, and to examine his own heart as to his readiness and willingness to take these responsibilities on as his own. Confident that his squire would accept them, Sir Skeggi had made the trek North to see Angar properly elevated. Oaths of Fealty were exhanged, and the Knightly regalia passed on with their legends and lineage. With the Chivalry arrayed behind him, Angar took his last unanswered blow from King Wilam, and was made Knight.

And the populace rejoiced!

At this time, the autocrats for the Thirteenth Avacal Coronet Tournament (to be held in Montengarde May 31 to June 2, 2002.) presented Their Majesties with an illuminated scroll of a Norse-style poem, inviting them personally to attend. Not so much on the rejoicing, per se, but the populace was mightily pleased!

Lady Madeline de Rouen, Squire to Sior Murchad, was then brought forth to Their Majesties, and rewarded for her service to Avacal and An Tir with elevation to the Order of the Goutte de Sang. There was much rejoicing from the populace!

Their Majesties called before them Duke Rorik and Hrolf, his kin. After much witty banter, blithe references to various and sundry 'incidents', and a very clear affection for him made public, Hrolf was given a Court Barony, with the added distinction of having his circlet made by His Majesty's hands. And Avacal rejoiced!

Sweet Baroness Borealis, Sidonia Dokanos was then asked to present herself in Their Majesties court. The rejoicing began almost as soon as the herald opened his mouth, and when the populace heard that she, too, would be entered into the Order of the Goutte de Sang for her tireless work and service, there was thunderous applause, dancing in the streets and fireworks in the sky! There was MUCH rejoicing!

His Majesty then turned the proceedings over to his Queen, Who called forth the Order of the Pelican, as He called forth the Order of the Chivalry to join him. Duke Rorik spoke to the works of one gentle of Avacal, instrumental in bringing the Barony of Myrgan Wood into the True Kingdom of An Tir, and again behind the formation and elevation of Avacal to the Greatest Principality in the Knowne Worlde. King Wilam spoke as a Knight to his profound respect and support of this individual, and shared words of His own father, Duke Tjorkill Kanne. It was then that HL Heinrich Alois Kannessohn was called forth and recognized as a Pelican by Her Majesty. Heinrich took the Oath of Fealty on the Coronet of Avacal, thereby cementing his ties to both Principality and Kingdom, and was given a medallion and it's lineaage to indicate his new status. Again, we rejoiced, and loudly!

The autocrats were thanked for hosting an event that ran smoothly and nearly exactly on time The feastocrats were thanked, and a small shrine erected to them, for the AMAZING repast they had presented to Crown, Coronet and crowd.

There being no further business, court was concluded, and the reveling began.

Long Live [Wilam and Siobhan]! Long Live Vik and Inga! An Tir! Avacal!

Respectfully submitted, Bebhinn ingen Aoidh, JdL Avacal Princiaplity Scribe and Roving Reporter