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One of 12 Daughters of Dante Machiavelli



Known under many variants of her name; Cassia Machiavelli is one of twelve daughters of Dante Machiavelli. First began attending Borealis courts in AS.33 once reaching her 17th year, having spent much of her youth traveling under circumstances unknown. Rumored to have been born in the republic of Venice sometime in the mid-late 1500's though little proof of actual date of birth or location exists.

Cassia's involvement & attendance at court in Borealis was sparingly until she returned from distant travels and made a home in the Barony of Borealis in AS.38. Little is known of her travels to which is accredited her unique blending of garments and eccentric nature. She is quite often found wearing a silver wolf pelt & favors fire and earth tones in garments.

Cassia is best known for her involvement in the Bardic community in the Barony of Borealis & throughout Avacal. Also known for creating and running Wench Wars at Quad War.

Wench Wars is an annual non-sanctioned event held at Quad War since 2007 where competitors sign up to be involved in a three part performance arts-style competition. Competition is held in the evening on merchants row & the winner is given 'Queen Wench of Avacal' as a non-official or sanctioned title with no actual duties.

Cassia held the title of Bardic Champion of Avacal from AS 43 - AS 45.


Mundanely known as Kash or Kashie Harding

Awards and Positions

Avacal OP

Award of Arms Aug 2 AS 42 / 2008

Silver Lute Jan 16 AS 44 / 2010

Silver Griffin Nov AS 45 / 2011

Named Arcarious to Argento Brunkell Nov AS 45 / 2011

       Silver Griffin       Jun  AS 46 / 2012
       Wolfs Paw           Jun  AS 46 / 2012



Music & mischief. Cassia can be often found cavorting with all sorts of circles in the SCA but most often can be located in the Tavern ran by her father (Dante's Inferno}, sitting around a bardic fire or into general trouble making such as Wench Wars

Also enjoys spending time on the archery range which conflicts with her late nights of Barding.

Consort to Fenrick Vikingson


Completely Inane Trivia

Cassia has gone by two other names in Avacal in the past: Kasha de LaFontaine & A'kasha Machiavelli

Trouble in the Family

Cassia is forbidden by her father to sing certain songs she learned on her travels with nefarious and un-polite company.