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The Scroll of Honour - Avacal Remembers is a small way to remember our friends and family that have passed. The Scroll of Honour is maintained by the Royal Consorts of Avacal. We list their names here as a memorial. At June Coronation, the Royal Consorts of Avacal conduct the Riderless Horse Ceremony to recognize and remember additions to the scroll.

The rules were only three in number

1. Only Avacal folk are listed on the Scroll.

2. No titles are listed on the Scroll.

3. The names are entered alphabetically as death is the great equalizer. (So all listed are equally honoured.)

Those who have gone on before

If you wish to record a remembrance of someone who has passed, please contact Her Majesty of Avacal or any of the Royal Consorts of Avacal.

The Scroll of Honour started in our parent kingdom An Tir