Eirik of Two Ravens

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{{{Eirik 12th Night 2019}}}
Resides: Barony of Montengarde
Date Started: May 1st 53 AS [May 20th, 2018]
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Offices: None


So April of 2018 C.E. I was at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in my LARP garb and I had a number people come and ask if I was with the SCA. Since I was being asked so much I figured I should go see what they were about. I did and I asked what must of seemed like a Million questions to dozens of very nice people over the next THREE DAYS! I thought this was a good place for myself. My first SCA event was the 2018 Baroness' Picnic, I blue carded May/20/18 (AS LIII), and my first Court was Dragonslayer 2018 (AS LIII). I got my Rapier fight authorization in single sword in November 8th, 2018 just in time for November Coronation 2018 (AS LIII). There for my first Rapier tournament was the Kingdom of Avacal Championship, where I stood vying for Avacal's Championship. I also vyed for the Montengarde Rapier Championship at 12th Night 2019 (AS LIII). I have since vy for the Rapier Defendership of Windwyrn (AS LIV), The Silver Arrow(AS LIV), Montengarde Archery Championship(AS LIV), Avacal Archery Championship(AS LIV), and the Montengarde Bardic Championship (AS LIV).


Quad War (AS LIV) Rapier

I was the last member of any Barony to be Killed in the Points Battle against the Queen's Army. Skill cunning and guile were may allies for that. It ended when I charged fearlessly in the Queen's forces with no support [they were not there.] it is a point of note that I was the entirety of the Montengarde Army in rapier that war.


Rapier, Armoured Combat, Archery (Target), Archery (Combat), Poetry, Heraldry, Swordsmithing, Storytelling, Improv


None, Yet!


Sable Minotaur Pursuivant - Herald Officer of Montengarde

Current Jobs

Herald at Large - Montengarde


Eirik of The Two Ravens

Swedish warrior of the Late 13 century, originally born in Stockholme in 1253, the third son to a merchant household. Eirik spent his youth learning to read and write and mathematics from his Grandfather, when he had the time. His father largely dealt with textiles from many different sources. some times this included silk. Eirik has three older siblings, Erik and Anders are his older brother and he has a older sister Helga, who married a German merchant friend of their father named Hans. Filed with tales from his grandparents of the old god and goddesses, left Eirik with a dislike of the White Christ and his wars of conversion or die. When Eirik was 13 he was apprenticed to a tailor, where he spent several years, he disliked the work after become a journey man, he left tailoring to become a sell sword. He participated in the Crusade against the Fins, where he developed a distaste for White Christ. He currently resides in Scotland as a sell sword, often acting a disinterested Sgt. he know for his flexibility in dealing with matters.

Richard Sharp of York

English 1550. 25 years old Second son from second from a Courtier of some influence in the Court of Henry VIII, Lives of the interest of his Inheritances, doesn't gamble but is fond of wine and women. He often hires himself out to mediate disputes between nobles and odd jobs, he currently is learning spanish style fencing from a Spanish master. He can occasionally seen at the court of Edward the IV as well. Often acting as ears for people that rather not be seen. His Brother Edward is Baron of Sharp on the estate granted to Their father from Henry VIII.

Kobe Tarou Hiromoto

Japanese 1580s, Hiromoto is one of the many Samurai in Tokugawa Ieyasu Armies during Toyotomi Hideyoshi control of Nihon. His first real battle would have been June 28, 1575, at the Battle of Nagashino. The plan is to fight heavy under this person.

Ibor Englandsfari

Norse-Danish-Viking 10th century because why not it is after all Avacal.