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Three Things for the Kingdom vast as the sky,
Nine for the Baronies in their halls of stone,
Seven for the Emissaries, whom we raise up high,
With each one thing, our dreams are sown,

One thing to rule them all, one thing to find them,
One thing to bring them all and together bind them.

- Fellowship of the Things

The Fellowship of the Things is a fellowship of like-minded individuals with a shared love for creativity and generosity. The Fellowship is not geographically specific and open to anyone and everyone across the Known World who shares our devotion to spreading goodwill through the gifting of largesse.

Non omne quod licet honestum est
(not all that glitters is gold)


noun | lar·gesse | \ lär-ˈzhes , lär-ˈjes also ˈlär-ˌjes \

The word largesse has been part of the English language since at least the 13th century. It derives via Anglo-French from the Latin word largus, meaning "abundant" or "generous."
(Merriam Webster Dictionary)

One of the traditions that makes the SCA unique is the giving and receiving of largesse. Largesse is usually given as a gift or a thank-you to visitors, hosts, and volunteers. It is an important part of our game and is often a way for The Crown to show hospitality.

Of course the giving of largesse is not just about receiving lovely items. The benefits of largesse are, in fact, two-fold. First, our Royalty have beautiful gifts to give while alleviating some of the financial burden that comes with The Crown, and second, our very talented and skilled artisans gain recognition and exposure throughout the Kingdom, and even the Known World.

So where does largesse come from? From the populace of course! Anyone and everyone can make and/or donate items for largesse. (Kingdom of Avacal - Royalty Page)

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Founding Members
Li Xia
Elizabeth of Sigelhundas
Mora of Lincolnshire
Fiona of Keith

Associate Members
(feel free to add your name, or message the Fellowship to have your name added)