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From the beginning of the region all the way through to today as a kingdom, the populace of Avacal have been creative and generous in helping to raise funds for various projects and running of the Gryphon lands. This is a list of some of the wonderful endeavours, starting with the most recent to the distant past. Please note that most, if not all, of these were run by individuals who donated the proceeds, not officially sponsored by Avacal.



  • Value Village - used goods fundraising drive

September through December - Funds raised will support the Known World Rapier and Costuming Symposium, hosted by Avacal
Fundraising Lead: Li Xia, Supported by: Asa, Kate, Alexandra, and Hamish MacCarraig

  • Avacal beer glasses

November, Ivar & Asney, Reign Travel Fund.

  • Annual online auction

October, Kvigr & Svava,

  • Avacal Cookie Cutters

February through May - Funds raised supported Grand TUA & Kingdom A&S Championship
Fundraising Lead: Li Xia, Supported by: Tyger's Rest Emporium, Roxanne Delaroche, and Kataryna Tkach
Avacal Cookie Cutters


  • Inter-kingdom Online Auction

October through December - Funds raised were donated to SCAdian families who lost their homes in the devastating wildfires across California earlier that season
Lead Kingdom: Kingdom of the West, Database management and FB moderator: Li Xia, Supported by: Fellowship of the Things




  • Avacal Badges - to commemorate becoming a Kingdom

February through June - Funds raised were donated to TUA
Fundraising Lead: Li Xia, Supported by: Baron Fjall and Pol of the Black Fist
Avacal Commemorative Badges

  • Office of the Fundraising Coordinator created

Deputy to the exchequer, to help with individuals or groups that want to create a fundraiser for the Kingdom.


  • Avacal Playing Cards - Who's Who of Avacal

July through November - Funds raised were donated to THUA
Fundraising Lead: Li Xia
Avacal Playing Cards








  • Prince's Challenge Fundraiser

Quad War, Food and beverage tokens $15, Travel Fund


  • Avacal Jerseys 2.0

October - May 2008 Started by Kvigr. $90 each and funds raised went towards the Travel Fund. An Tir, Tir Righ and Summits also sold jerseys.



  • The Great Shave

November Coronet, Coronet Fund

  • A&S Auction

November Coronet, Morgan The Unknown, Principality Travel Fund

  • Costuming Tips Compendium

August, Zenovia Kallipygia, Principality A&S office, an informative booklet with hints and tips for every level of costumer.


  • A&S Auction

November Coronet, Morgan The Unknown, Principality Travel Fund

  • Avacal Girls Kick A$$ hats

August - February 2005, Master Mai, Principality Regalia Fund.


  • Quad War Street Name Auction

July-August, Caitlin ingen ui Dalaig, Quad War site, Naming rights for the roads around the merchant and camping areas at the Quad War site. Banners and stands were created to mark the winning names, in time for hosting An Tir September Crown.

  • A&S Auction

August Investiture, Morgan the Unknown, Principality Travel Fund

  • Ballcaps

June, Sir Taras, Travel Fund, Principality Badge on front of cap- $19.99, Principality Badge on shield on front of cap, add - $2.00, with AVACAL lettering under badge, add - $2.00, with your name stitched on back, add - $3.50, Colours:Gray with gray brim edged in charcoal and black or black with black brim edged in red and white, Deluxe Cotton Drill - 6 panel caps, - 6 embroidered eyelets matching to colour of crown, - high density pre-curved peak with 6 rows of stitching, contrast, piping and contrast edge finish, - Underpeak matching to colour of edge, - Sweatband matching to colour of edge, - Two tone inner tape matching to colour of piping and edge, - Self cloth back strap matching to colour of crown with tuck-in end and slip through buckle


  • Coffee Travel Mugs

March, Caitlin ingen ui Dalaig, Principality Travel Fund and the Quad War site.

  • A&S Auction

August Investiture, Morgan the Unknown, Principality Travel Fund. Artisans and crafts people of Avacal made and donated items: finished works like clothing, accessories(belts, pouches, veils, and so on), wooden boxes to store gear in, jewelry, cakes and cookie. Also donated: tools or raw materials that other artists might be needing: leather, cloth, trim, tablet weaving cards, spun yarn,extra feast gear or garb, books, toys, candles and writing paper, just as examples.