Gertrude of Keith

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Lady Gertrude of Keith (She/her) (AKA Fiona of Kieth) went to her first event at the Tudor Tailor TUA in Sigelhundas. The way she was received by the good gentles also attending and the way her friend HL Mora of Lincolnshire was greeted with joy and concern, convinced her to stay and attend further events. Her persona is from 1300 Scotland and enjoys merchanting as a means to connect with the populace and perform service to the crown. After proving herself as a merchant in good standing and with the approval of the existing merchants at the Quad War Site, there is now a permanent home for her wares and she still enjoys merchanting at the various events throughout Avacal. Her goal is to merchant at each location Avacal has. Due to Covid, merchanting has slowed down of course, but she continues her hunt for the perfect inexpensive feast ware, decorations, books etc as well as making and creating many different items for the shop. Her partners in the shop, HL Mora of Lincolnshire and HL Robert of Caithness, have been infected with seeing the joy of people finding that perfect item or gift for a friend. Other artisans also sell their crafts through the shop and she has a great joy in helping others gain from their skill.

She is currently researching different time periods and garb so as to show of the skill of her friend Mora and of her own increased knowledge. She loves learning all the things, and while she may not master them, she learns a great respect for those who do and uses that knowledge in her search for items in the shop while keeping the costs to a level that many can afford.