July Coronation XXIII/1988

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Steingrim V and Lenora II are succeeded by Thorin III and Angharad IV.

1-4 July AS XXIII/1988
Barony of Montengarde (Calgary, Alberta)
Outside of Red Deer, Alberta
(see Event Highlights)
King Steingrim and Queen Lenora. On the far right, Lady Sir Crisiant ferch Eirian, one of An Tir's few female members of the Order of Chivalry.
Gunnarr Brunwolf kneels before Thorin III and Angharad IV as he steps down as Kingdom Champion, 3 July XXIII/1988. Photographer: Lyulf de Flandry

Event Highlights

Personal Memories

I travelled to the event with Duke Eirik and Countess Meagan (as she was then) and developed stomach flu along the way. Sunjan was sharing her felt Mongol tent with me, and I slept through most of the event. (Including, apparently the 'tornado'. I never felt it in the low ground-hugging steppe tent.) Duke Eirik became the new Kingdom Champion at that event. --Elizabeth Braidwood 14:42, 1 Aug 2006 (EDT)

(A "keeper" posting from the Steps of the Cathedral, posted Aug 2006.)

The [Toronation] I remember best was in 1988, July Coronation, Red Deer, Canada.

Ralg and I were eating our dinner, when the wind changed and it got cold very suddenly. He looked at the sky and said a very bad word. We spent the next several minutes putting all our gear under cover and adding extra guy ropes to our pavilion.

Then the winds struck - we spent the next undertermined amount of time helping people lay down their tents so they wouldn't blow away. There was a huge pavilion that was threatening to take flight, it pulled a whole bunch of us across the field like we were windsurfing. Some time later, it was all over. As we stood around, I realized that I couldn't walk. We thought I had sprained my ankle, it turned out later that I had broken a bone in my foot. Almost had to get married on crutches.

The locals opened their homes and most of the camp went to spend the night in town. Those of us who remained got together that night in one of the Boy Scout group tents. The wounded sat in a circle while the others provided us with drinks and munchies. The next morning we all gathered in that tent for a progressive community breakfast. It was great fun!

Don't remember anything else about the event....

Ellen (Fraser)