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A kit is a grouping of items needed to fulfill an activity. This colloquial term is used in a variety of ways within the Society, and may be used to refer to a grouping of items needed to participate in combat, attend a feast, recreate a persona, or other interests.


Members of the greater SCA populace have noted the following:

  • "Kit" is a shortened form of "equipment". It may be used to refer to everything needed to attend an event or smaller, more focused item groupings.
  • Other groups, such as British military reenactors and Roman reenactors, employed the term before its usage in the SCA. It referred more specifically to a collection of items required to participate and included an individual's uniform, equipment, weapons, and other necessary gear.
  • The term may be more specific depending on the region. By example, a "kit" may refer to a more historically accurate or generally improved set of items, being a subset of an overall grouping.


In addition to being used alone, the term 'kit' may also be combined with descriptors.

  • Hard Kit: Armor, weapons and accessories needed for heavy combat.
  • Light Kit: Armor, weapons and accessories needed for rapier combat.
  • Soft Kit: SCA-appropriate garb and accessories.
  • Feast Kit: Dishware, utensils, linens and (sometimes) decor needed for eating at feast. Also known as kitchen kit or mess kit.
  • Camping kit: Tent, chair(s), sleeping arrangements and other items used for camping.
  • 'Persona' kit: Garb and accessories - both worn and non-worn (e.g., feastware) - that come together to help portray a persona. This type of kit is most commonly referred to by the persona's culture or time period. By example, "Norse kit" or "Late Period kit".