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Past and present Barons and Baronesses. Source: Beothuk of the Beothuks Taken 14 January 2023, Montengarde.

A few past and the present baronial heads of Montengarde. From left to right: Thorvald Grimsson, Wilma the Still, Beothuk of the Beothuks, Brangwayn Hesson, Peter von Setzingen, Refr Bjarnarson, Adis Ulfsdottir, Hero the Responsible, Malabar Membro Spaccata and Bjar the Blue.

Argent, semy of wild roses proper, a bull's head erased affronty sable, armed, and gorged of a chain Or, within a laurel wreath vert. (Rosa acicularis)

The Barony of Montengarde (Calgary, AB) is located in the Kingdom of Avacal It is coterminus with the modern City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

1980/AS 14 - AS 15 Granted Shire Status
1986/AS 20 - AS 21 Elevated to Barony


Argent, semy of wild roses proper, a bull's head erased affronty sable, armed, and gorged of a chain Or, within a laurel wreath vert. (Rosa acicularis, the Alberta wild rose)


Non Taurus Est (That's no Bull) was adopted in AS 14 as group's motto.

Barons and Baronesses

TE of Montengarde, Beothuk and Wilma at Beltaine, May 2010 in Montengarde
1986/AS 20 - AS 21 Edward Ross and Laurel Venustas di Firenze (founding)
1993/AS 27 - AS 29 Thorvald Grimsson and Enid Ferch Rhodri
1995/AS 20 - AS 30 Ilka of Toftgaard and Leena Steinstriker
1996/AS 30 - AS 32 Thorwulf and Sapphira
1998/AS 33 - AS 35 Halfdane Eastborn and Cattea the Studious
2002/AS 36 - AS 38 Thorwulf Bjornsson and Sine Peregrina
2004/AS 38 - AS 39 Malabar Membro Spaccata and Hero the Responsible
2007/AS 40 - AS 47 Beothuk of the Beothuks and Wilma the Still
2012/AS 47 - AS 51 Kraig Landenthal and Una Henriksdottir
2017/AS 51 - AS 53 Brangwayn Hessen and Peter von Setzingen
2019/AS 53 - 2021/AS 55 Bjar the Blue and Bóthilðr Sigurðardóttir
2021/AS 55 - 2023/AS 57 Bjar the Blue
2023/AS 57 - Present Refr Bjarnarson and Adis Ulfsdottir

History of Montengarde

1979/AS 13 - 14 First organizational meetings held. There are two independent groups, Montengarde and Mussenhitt, each unaware of the other at first. Though they are made up of very different people they share a common love for the ideas of the SCA. This will eventually lead to their unification down the road.
1980/AS 14 - 15 Montengarde Petitions for Shire status, granted such in July. Both groups continue to grow and attract new members. "Non Taurus Est!" adopted as the group's motto after a duel with the College of Heralds over the precise nature of the principal charge on the Shire's Arms, the head of a Minotaur. It translates as: "That's No Bull!"
1981/ AS 15 - 16 Duke Paul of Bellatrix comes to Montengarde in February. First visit by Royalty: Scellanus and Maelen, Prince and Princess of An Tir. 1st peerage: Bjorn Isenkramenhandler, Order of the Laurel, August 1, 1981.
1982/ AS 16 - 17 Montengarde absorbs the last elements of Mussenhitt, members of Mussenhitt become outstanding members and officers for the Shire. The group continues to grow. Cable 10 shoots a half hour special with the group directing and producing. The first of the Glenbow Museum demos. 1st visit of a King: Manfred Kreigstrieber. First Regional Theme event is held: The Gull Lake War Games, intended to become the Rallying point for what is hoped will one day become a Principality. Thorwulf Bjornsson and Guy de Monteferrat (Borealis) are its founders and Autocrats. 1st Kingdom of An Tir grant level award for service: Stephen of Westmarch (one of the group's founders and builders, Order of the Goutte de Sang, June 12, 1982. Fist Lion's Gate Sergeant in Montengarde: Macsen Aelian. First Kingdom officer: Garrathe of Ravenswood, Royal Archer.
1983/AS 17 - 18 Montengarde continues to grow and prosper. Locally, the group works hard to establish itself in the greater community, performing numerous demos, and participating in the annual 10th Street Fair.
1984/AS 18 - 19 Erik the tent is built, this pavilion is created by Richard de Hargreave, Roland the Savage, and others. It becomes the central gathering point for the group at many gatherings. Montengarde wins Clinton War for First time! Montengarde hosts the First Crown Tourney to be held in the region on the September long weekend. Garrathe Ravenswood and Darcy of Eagles Crag are the event stewards, Sir Torgul and Erin are the victors.
1985/AS 19 - 20 The group has grown, there is a lot of pride and a strong sense of identity. Thorwulf and Sapphira begin circulating a petition amongst the populace in order to establish how much support there is for the idea. The support turns out to be overwhelming. The first Allthing is called and the decision is made to go for Baronial status. Edward Ross and Laurel Venustas di Firenze are put forward as the proposed Barony's first Baronial couple.
1986/AS 20- 21 Montengarde travels to Kingdom 12th Night and is elevated to a Barony. Edward Ross and Laurel Venustas di Firenze are invested as the founding Baron and Baroness.
1987/AS 21 - 22 Montengarde's 12th Night event becomes the largest event in the region and a focal point for the 'fledgling' that would one day become the Principality of Avacal. Baron Edward Ross becomes known as the great War Monger! Fist Baronial Champion of the Arts; Order of the Emerald Rose; Randwulf Aylen. First Baronial Champion of Service; Order of the Minotaur's Chain; Roland the Savage. First Champion of Arrows; Order of the DragonBlinder; Thorvald Grimsson.
1988/AS 22 - 23 Double peerages, shared by Edward Ross, Aethelhere the Unsteady, and Thorvald Grimsson; July 2,1988.
1989/AS 23 - 24 The Minotaur's tenth birthday, celebrated with a lot of travel and a lot of recognition for many of members.
1992/AS 26 - 27 A year of great change in the Barony begins, a series of Allthings are held through the summer to decide on the mechanism that will be used to select a new Baron and Baroness, as Sir Edward and Mistress Laurel choose to step down. Master Thorvald Grimsson and Enid Ferch Rhodri are selected by the Crown.
1993/AS 27 - 28 At Montengarde Baronial 12th Night, Thorvald and Enid become the second Baron and Baroness of Montengarde by the hand of their dread Majesties Barak and Lao. Sir Edward and Mistress Laurel are made Baron and Baroness of the Court of An Tir, the First time this recognition is granted to anyone from Montengarde. For the first time since Pagan McPhee and Alisdair MacAuley held the position of Dragonslayer, a Championship is shared in the Barony when the honour of the Order of the Emerald Rose is bestowed upon her Ladyship B.
1994/AS 28 - 29 Hosted Avacal 12th Night on January 15th, Eric the Tresspasser as event steward and Eirika Francesca Pacchioni as feast steward.
1995/AS 29 - 30 The Barony begins the process to select a new Baron and Baroness. Ilka of Toftgaard and Leena Steinstriker are selected. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Derek the Exile and Thorwulf Bjornsson, Montengarde joins with the Barony of Sentinels Keep in the Kingdom of Artemisia to host the 1st Gryphon's Fury. This event will become the premier fighting event in the region. It is a war fought in celebration of the founding principles of combat within the SCA. There are no war points, instead one lucky(?) individual gets bestowed with the honour of the embalmed Gryphon and serves a year as the events "official ambassador".
1996/AS 30 - 31 Due to personal matters, Ilka and Leena step down from the position of Baron and Baroness. After eight months in which Murchad acts as Castellan for the group, Thorwulf and Sapphira step up to wear the mantle of the Minotaur. 1st Dragon Blade, the Baronial Rapier Champion: Thore de Bethune. 1st Baronial thrones and dais are built. Five new Baronial awards are created: Heart of the Minotaur, Horns of the Minotaur, Rose Petal, Golden Link, and Standard Bearer.
1997/AS 31 - 32 The 1st Montengarde Tavern nights are held, hosted by Cattea the Studious, to become a major foundation stone for the Barony, being held regularly on the fourth Thursday of every month for years to come. First Prince and Princess of Avacal to call Montengarde home: Sir Vik and Ceridwyn.
1998/AS 32 - 33 Again Montengarde goes through the process of selecting a new Baron and Baroness in the third installment of the term system. Halfdane Eastborn and Cattea the Studious are selected. With the arrival of Dalton Arundel and House Ice Tiger, there is a complete rebirth of target archery.
1999/AS 33 - 34 At 12th night, 13 years after Montengarde was elevated to a Barony, Halfdane Eastbourne and Cattea the Studious receive the Baronial Coronets from King Aveloc and Queen Laurellan.
2000/AS 34 - 35 Montengarde is asked to return as a Principal at Clinton.
2001/AS 35 - 36 After a complete reworking of the polling process and scrapping the old term system, Montengarde again goes through the process of finding a new Baron and Baroness. In October, it is announced HE Sir Thorwulf Bjornsson and Her Ladyship Sine Peregrina will step up at the following 12th Night. First Child of the Minotaur is bestowed upon Her Ladyship Audette des Grenouilles as her job takes her away to far off Ansteorra. She is renowned as the "Mad Tatter" and for her love of little green amphibians.
2002/AS 36 - 37 His Exellency Sir Thorwulf Bjornsson and Her Ladyship Sine Peregrina step up as Baron and Baroness at 12th Night. Tavern has a name, The Drum and Whistle, in honour of the work of Baron Halfdane and Baroness Cattea.
2003/AS 37 - 38 Baron Thorwulf and Baroness Sine create a new Baronial Order, the Torse of the Minotaur, and presented the first award to Michael O'Byrne at Montengarde's 12th Night festivities.
2004/AS 38 - 39 Baron Thorwulf and Baroness Sine stepped down on January 6, 2004. Thorvald Grimsson appointed as Castellan. On June 5, His Lordship Malabar Membro Spaccata and Her Ladyship Hero the Responsible are invested at June Coronet as the seventh Baron and Baroness of Montengarde by the hand of Their Highnesses Murchad and Morrigan, with King Skapti Ravensfury overseeing the pagentry.
2006/AS 40 - 41 In June of AS 40, Baron Malabar and Baroness Hero announced to the Barony their intention to step down from the Thrones of the Minotaur after a fruitful and happy 2-year reign. A polling was organized for later in the year.
File:An-Tir May Crown 2009 in Montengarde 2797 TRM Vik and Inga bestow A GdS on Morrigan.jpg
TRM Vik and Inga bestow a Goutte de Sang on HE Morrigan at May Crown 2010
2007/AS 41 - 42 At Montengarde 12th Night (January 20, AS 41), HL Beothuk of the Beothuks and L Wilma the Still were invested by Their Highnesses Wernar and Tatiana as Montengarde's 8th Baronial couple. New wooden travel thrones were made by HL Stanislav the Gatherer.
2008/AS 42 - 43 Montengarde has a new Baronial Pavilion, purchased from Panther Pavilions. Its first event was Dragonslayer, and was used for court, classes, and revelry. Montengarde was host of Avacal's Quad War; a team, known as the Quad Squad, was assembled to run this large event. Montengarde with the help of the Lethbridge Medieval Society (former shire of Windwyrm) to host An-Tir Crown.
2009/AS 43 - 44 Montengarde hosts An Tir May Crown! An Tir May Crown Tournament XLIV/2009 The Barony won the bid to host this prestigious Kingdom Event and we were doubly proud to host Their Majesties Vik and Inga (from nearby Borealis) and the Kingdom of An Tir for the choosing of the heirs to the Lion Thrones of An Tir. Their Excellencies Cedric and Elizabeth were the victors from a list of 68 combatants. Nicknamed "Wind Crown", Montengarde's volunteer spirit was strong and the Minotaur's children worked together joyfully and can be justly proud of their efforts.
2010/AS 44 - 45 Montengarde thirtieth Anniversary is held at 12th night, guests are given a necklace with a pearl to symbolize the 30th year of the group. His Majesty Owain ap Einar and TH Steinn and Gemma attend and reward many in the Barony for their hard work and skills.
2011/AS 45 - 46 A Household challenge was issued at Quad War which causes all sorts of hilarity and posturing in the Barony. No household ever declaired the winner, though all sides involved claim to have won. A Cardinal in the order of the WOAW is invested and all punsters are put on allert.
2012/AS 46 - 47 At Samhain (September 3, AS 47) Master Kraig Landenthal and Lady Una Henriksdottir were invested by Their Highnesses Wernar and Sina as Montengarde's 9th Baronial couple.
2013/AS 47 - 48 At Dragonslayer (July 6, AS 48) Master Kraig Landenthal and Lady Una Henriksdottir create two new awards. One to recognise the deserving youth of our Barony: Light of the Labyrinth and one to recognise those who travel and spread the fame of Montengarde (in positive ways mind you): Emissary of the Minotaur's Chair.
2014/AS 48 - 49 At Samhain the Baron and Baroness did unveil the "Wheel of Court" where many members of the populace did barely manage to escape Banishment and there was much disappointment that "Dance Party" was only spun once.
2015/AS 49 - 50 Avacal becomes a Kingdom and Master Kraig Landenthal and Lady Una Henriksdottir swear fealty to the 1st King & Queen of Avacal Albrecht von Rügen and Nasheeta Al-Rakkasa making Montengarde again the first Barony of Avacal.
2016/AS 50 - 51 Baron and Baroness Kraig Landenthal and Una Henriksdottir announce they will be polling for candidates for the next Baron and Baroness of Montengarde. 5 pairs put forward their names to be considered, including people running as two Baronesses.
2017/AS 51 - 52 Peter von Setzingen and Brangwayn Hessen are created the 10th Baronial couple of Montengarde at 12th Night. In their reign they update many of Montengarde's awards so they can be registered with the Society. Created the Order of the Sable Drum for excellence in the Bardic Arts, first given to Adis Ylva at Samhain.
2018/AS 52 - 53 A prosperous year as the Baron & Baroness give out the new awards of Montengarde to many deserving individuals (Emissary of the Minotaur's Chair to the Order of the White Hat, the Child of the Minotaur to the Order of the Children of Saint Ferdinand, the Torse of the Minotaur to the Torse & Torch, the Order of the Heart of the Minotaur to Saint Ferdinand’s Heart & The Horns of the Minotaur was split into the Order of the Horn & Sword and the Order of the Horn & Bow.) They also create the long term service award of the Order of the Mountains of Montengarde and induct Thorvald Grimsson as it's premier member at Dragonslayer. They also welcome a child to their family and bequeath their barony unto Bjar the Blue and Bóthilðr Sigurðardóttir who are invested as 11th Baronial couple of Montengarde by their Majesties Fergus and Kora at 12th Night.

Seal of the Barony of Montengarde

Major Events

Past events and historical events

An Tir May Crown Tournament XLIV/2009
Montengarde Beltaine - May
12th Night - January


Golden Link of the Minotaur's chain-for service
Order of the Rose Petal-for Arts and the sciences
The Order of Saint Ferdinand's Heart formerly the Heart of the Minotaur-for courtesy and honour
Horns of the Minotaur-for prowess and leadership in the Martial arts (Retired 2018 when split into the following)
The Order of the Horn & Sword - for prowess and leadership in Sword Combat used for both Rapier & Armoured Combat
The Order of the Horn & Bow - for prowess and leadership in Archery
The Order of the Torse and Torch formerly the Torse of the Minotaur - Persona development
The Order of the Children of Saint Ferdinand formerly the Child of the Minotaur-for people who leave the Barony
Order of the Brass of the Minotaur - For chutzpah off the usual battlefields
The Order of the Golden Hedgehog, formerly the Light of the Labyrinth -to recognize the contributions of our youth
The Order of the White Hat formerly the Emissary of the Minotaur's Chair -outstanding efforts to foster the exchange of culture and idea's between Montengarde and other shires , baronies , principalities and kingdoms
Order of the Dragon-Past Baronial martial champions
Order of the Emerald Rose-past Arts and science champions
Order of the Wild Rose-Past Bardic Champions
Order of the Sable Drum - For excellence in the Bardic Arts
Order of the Mountains of Montengarde - For long term service to the Barony of Montengarde
Populace badge

Championship titles

Dragon Slayer-Armoured combat champion
Dragon Blinder-Archery champion
Dragon Blade-Rapier champion
Emerald Rose-Arts and science champion
Wild Rose-Bardic champion



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