Montengarde Dragonslayer/Hidden Treasures

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Dragonslayer/Hidden Treasures is the Barony of Montengarde's summer event, and the event when the Baronial Heavy Champion, called the Dragonslayer, is chosen. The Baronial Archery Champion, the Dragonblinder, is chosen at this event as well. Since 2004 the event has taken place at the Calgary Archers Club, and has attracted larger and larger numbers of attendees.

Dragonslayer 2008 had record numbers of attendees, nearly 150 people.

It is a three day camping event typically held on a weekend late in July.

Hidden Treasures

The Hidden Treasures archery tourney is part of the event, but is unconnected to the Baronial Archery Championship shoot. It takes place on the 24-target roving range that is part of the site, and has been run by HL Dalton Arundel in its first years, and was run by Lord Gareth Haydon in AS 44.

2006 Bazz Steinson vs Varrus Lupus