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Arms of the Barony of Myrgan Wood, Argent, an elm tree eradicated proper, leaved gules, within a laurel wreath and on a chief vert three maples leaves argent.

The Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, SK and area) is located in the Kingdom of Avacal.

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In A.S. 13, Geofry of Cyrtenham made his way onto the prairie steppes and founded the Shire of Myrgan Wood (old English for merry woods) with local assistance from Kalin d’Autremont and Corin of Lincoln. Originally the shire was part of the Middle Kingdom as the Barony of Castle Rouge is a mere nine hours journey to the east, while the closest branch to the west was the Barony of Lions Gate in the Principality of An Tir, Kingdom of the West, was 21 hours travel.

After swift growth, the shire became a barony in A.S. 17 with Lord Geofry created Founding Baron by Andrew of Seldomrest, King of the Midrealm. As the furthermost bastion of the Kingdom, the Barony was granted the right to fly the Middle Kingdom Royal Standard without the Crown’s presence – a great and single honour. Unfortunately the Barony suffered an emigration large enough to require a change in status from Barony back to shire in A.S. 21.

There were many changes to the steppes surrounding Myrgan Wood in these years. An Tir became a kingdom, Montengarde, Borealis, Bitter End, and Valley Wold were established, with Montengarde and Borealis rising to Baronies. Myrgan Wood’s ties to the west swelled. Eventually the members of the shire voiced their desire to join the Kingdom of An Tir. Treaties were signed and Myrgan Wood was not only welcomed, but granted the singular honour to fly the An Tirian Royal Standard as they had that of the Middle Kingdom in A.S. 22 by King Eric and Queen Meagan. The An Tir banner in baronial regalia was made by Duchess Hlutwige Wolfkiller.

Under the able guidance of our Royal Patron, Duke Tjorkill Kanne, Myrgan Wood began again to grow and thrive. In A.S. 28 Rorik Gunnarson and Berengaria, King and Queen of An Tir restored Myrgan Wood to Baronial status with Gareth Bydaweyr and Roweyna the Rebellious as Founding Baron and Baroness. Since that time we have seen many serve the Barony as Baron or Baroness. Viscount Gunther Rorikson has also served as Castellan.

In A.S. 39 Lord Ferghail MacIngill and Viscountess Catriona McManus were invested as Baron and Baroness of Myrgan Wood as we celebrated our Twenty-Fifth Anniversary and recounted the wondrous thing accomplished by the barony.

We were honoured to host the creation of the Principality of Avacal with the Investiture of Rorik and Gwendolyn in A.S. 30.

We are proud to include in our Barony, seventeen royal peers of Avacal spanning twelve reigns, either as residents, Sergeantry or as Blood of the Wood including: Duke Rorik Gunnarsson; Duke Vik Vikingsson (five times Prince, twice King of An Tir, once King of Avacal); Viscountess Ceridwyn of Abbergavenny; Duke Albrecht von Rügen (twice Prince, twice King of Avacal); Viscount Gunther Rorikson (twice Prince); Viscountess Tatiana de Verona; Viscountess Catriona McManus (twice Princess); Duke Ivarr Roriksson the Black (once Prince, twice King); Duchess Asney Grimolfrsdottir (once Princess, twice Queen); Viscomtesse Gemma Delaroche (three times Princess of Avacal, twice Princess of Tir Righ); Viscountess Eyoddi Lokadottir; Count Kvigr Ivarsson (three times Prince, once King of Avacal)]; Countess Svava Suanhuita (once Princess, once Queen); Viscountess Shunzei no Chikakawa; Viscountess Linet Grimolfsdottir, and Countess A'isha Rayhana al-Karim (once Queen).

At Tenth Anniversary, the first in An Tir, Myrgan Wood became the first group to be awarded the Forget-me-not from Queen Hlutwige.

We have been honoured to successfully host two An Tir Kingdom level events. Prairie Alpine Crown in A.S. 32 and subsequently infused with an enthusiasm for heraldry after hosting the Kingdom Heraldic Symposium.

It has been our pleasure and honour to sponsor the shire of Rhuddglyn located in the southwestern reaches of Avacal. The members of that community have been admitted into the Order of the Blood of the Wood in thanks for their support and efforts for this Barony. Unfortunately, Rhuddglyn has since been disbanded.


Sergeantry first became part of the culture of Myrgan Wood as we became a barony under the leadership of our first Baroness, Rowena the Rebellious (Vicountess Shunzei no Chikakawa, now known as Tayyibe). Our first member was Yeoman Tammera Althaya of Mistwood (Countess A'isha Rayhana al-Karim) who served during Rowena’s time as baroness. She was joined by Sergeant Gerhard Thorwulfsson, then known as Gerhard the Anonymous who served each baroness until the end of Her Excellency Dezzrianne Dragnova’s time.

For a long period of time sergeantry in the Principality of Avacal waxed and waned with great discussions about associated testing requirements and purpose without much interest from the populace of Myrgan Wood. Her Excellency Roxanne Delaroche tried a revival tactic during her first period of time as baroness where newer fighters were selected without specific trials, but with big expectations. Ferghail MacIngill (who later became baron) and Arterius both became sergeants and Gemma Delaroche (who later became Princess) became a Gallant. All three returned their belts/scarf at the end of Roxanne’s time.

Dezzrianne Dragnova admitted another sergeant successful at the then Kingdom of Avacal testing, Robert of Caithness from the shire of Valleywold.

The Avacal members of sergeantry, together with the baronesses they swear fealty to had developed new categories. Her Excellency Isabelle Buckells welcomed Alric the Indecisive as the first Warden, followed by Ayame Houjou.

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