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The Noisy Section is just that, the noisy section of an event site. A place for like minded individuals to keep each other awake all night.

Created as a solution for the noise and mess the Guccis generated after becoming a presence in the Kingdom. At the time, An Tir was fairly unusual in having such a distinction.

The first Noisy section was at an Egils. (and no don't ask me what year. You're lucky I even remember it was at Egils!) They had actually marked on the map where we would be camping. And amazingly, not everybody avoided us. Some people decided to camp near us. The next event at that site there was a noisy section marked on the map. It was such a good idea many other autocrats copied it. Today it's standard.--Mahala 00:13, 2 Apr 2008 (PDT)

Some have pointed out that the Noisy Section is really the "noisy at night" section, whereas the Quiet Section is usually "noisy in the morning", that being where parents with young children or other early risers tend to camp.


Screaming in the Noisy Section is not only encouraged, it's rewarded.