Order of Precedence

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1. The list of all members of the populace of the kingdom, in order of rank.

A person's rank is determined by:

  • The rank of that person's highest honor
  • The date he or she received that honor

The Sovereign of Avacal is always ranked first on the OP followed immediately by the Consort.

For the list of honours and their ranking, see Avacal Kingdom Law

The Order of Precedence of the Kingdom of Avacal

2. A database of all honors given by Avacal and received from any SCA branch in the Known World. It is maintained by the College of Heralds by the Sanguinaris Herald and his or her staff.

The Avacal OP is presented in many ways. It is presented by rank within the Kingdom - hence the "order" part of the name, alphabetically - also known as the roster, by Principality, and by branch.

The actual OP database also holds many other pieces of information, such as Kingdom officer information, the reigns of foreign Kings who elevated Avacalians, membership of inactive orders (for archival reasons), and so on.