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NOTE: Unfortunately, this change was not allowed by the Society and had to be rescinded by Ivar and Asney as per Their message in the July 2018 Avantgarde.

The Order of the Rose consists of former Royal Consorts of a kingdom. It is specifically charged with encouraging chivalrous and courteous behavior among all members of the Society. It may be non-armigerous, or it may be defined as a Patent Order according to the laws and customs of the kingdom. In the latter case, the general requirements for peerage must be met.

In June 2018, the Ladies of the Valorous Estate and the Ladies of the Rose were combined to be become the Companions of the Order of the Rose. Here are the words that were heard in the last court of Kvigr and Svava on that day.

The Ladies of the Rose and Valorous Estates Business

Herald: Duchess Inga has business before this Court.

Duchess Inga will come into court and bow to Their Majesties

Duchess Inga: Your Majesties do I have permission to address the populace.

King Kvigr: You do.

Duchess Inga: In the very early days of the SCA, if a fighter was not a Knight and they won the Crown Tournament, they were offered Knighthood. There was not, at this time, a similar recognition bestowed upon their worthy consort. Thus was created the Order of the Rose to properly honor those who had reigned as Queen of Love and Beauty and to give royal consorts equivalent title and rank as due those who have shared the burden and joy of ruling.

Duchess Inga: With the birth of Principalities throughout the Knowne World came a separate acknowledgement for those who had duly served their principality as consort, the Order of the Valorous Estate. So it has come to be by this tradition that Avacal, through 29 years as Principality and being well and nobly served by many princesses, has admitted many great names to the Order of the Valorous Estate. It has been the tradition through the Society that the Order of the Rose and Valorous Estate retain their separate Orders though they be joined in common purpose and service. Until today.

Herald: Let all members of the Avacal Order of the Rose and Valorous Estate now come before Their Majesties.

The Ladies of the Rose and Valorous Estate will enter court and bow to Their Majesties.

King Kvigr: Today, upon your esteemed the advice, we do begin a new chapter in our great kingdom. In acknowledgement of your service and dedication to Avacal and her people we do hereby decree that all who have served as consort within the Principality and Kingdom of Avacal shall be granted membership in the Order of the Rose.

Queen Svava: Having reigned as Royal Consort of Avacal and having been the Inspiration of both Our People and your Champions, you have shown yourself not only to be a figure of inspiration, but you have undergone trials and responsibilities that few will ever know.

Queen Svava: Let it also be known that in the spirit of inclusivity and diversity that the members of the Order will no longer be referred to as the Ladies of the Rose but will now be styled Companions of the Order of the Rose. Inspiration is not gendered nor limited by labels. Today we are gathered to celebrate the power of inspiration and look to the Royal Consorts of Avacal to lead in inspirational inclusivity and companionship.

King Kvigr: Continue now to serve - together - as Companions of the Order of the Rose in your most solemn duty of being the guardians of chivalrous and courteous behavior within the realm from this day forth. Let you be now unified not only by common purpose but also by common recognition.