Quad War

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Quad War

Quad War is an annual event held in the interior of the Kingdom of Avacal. It takes place in Alfheimland, a farm near the modern village of Marsden in Saskatchewan, not far from the Alberta Border. This popular event began in 1995. Quad War moved to its current site in 1997. The event site has had many improvements over the years, including the construction of a castle, and many houses and shops on Merchants row. The name Quad War came from the initial set up of each Barony and the combined shires fielding an army so that there were four in total.

Notable features of the Castle are the doors that can be battered down and archers shooting from the towers.

It used to take place on the 1st weekend of August (starting in 2007), though in the past it was held on the July 1st long weekend (Canada Day).

2010 marked the 15th Anniversary of this event. It was also the first year it was combined with Avacal August Investiture

2015 marked the 20th Anniversary of the event.

File:Quad War 2009 673.jpg
Warriors rushing the castle at Quad War
File:Quad War 2005 field battle 1.JPG
Field Battle on the hill, Brotherhood of the Unicorn, Quad war 2005
File:Quad War 2005 field battle 2.JPG
Field Battle on the hill, Lost vikings, Quad war 2005


File:Quad War Aug 2008 301.jpg
Dragon at the entrance to the Vinjar camp, 2008


It takes place near the modern village of Marsden in Saskatchewan, near the Alberta/Saskatchewan Border.


Quad War website

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-from the 2005 event copy- Located on a farm, this raw site is improved each year by volunteers during numerous work weekends held in spring and summer. Currently, a castle is being constructed and features two complete 16' towers (yes, this means archers can actually shoot down at the encroaching army!) A door you have to batter down (yes, you get to use a battering ram!)

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