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During the reign of Nicholaus Barchatov and Alyssia of Cameo Keepe, 42nd King and Queen of the Kingdom of An Tir, The Honorable Lord Emeric and Lady Manyra returned to An Tir from their travels in Ealdormere. They settled in an uncharted part of the Principality of Avacal and immediately called out for others to join under the Lion and Gryphon banners. Banns were read that a meeting would be held at the library on August 22nd, AS 37 to learn about more these Current Middle Ages. People from all over the area gathered, listened and stepped forward to learn more. It was clear that much work was ahead to make a new shire but the new comers were eager and willing. These people would be the firm foundation for what would become the Shire of Rhuddglyn whose name means Red Valley.

A few months of classes and craft nights followed, when it was announced a tournament would be held in distant Myrgan Wood. The folks of Rhuddglyn donned their finest clothes (including Garrick in pink - opps sorry salmon- tudor!) and joined in the celebration at Myrgan Woods 23rd Anniversary on October 12th, AS 37. During the court of their Highnesses Ivar and Asney, the 13th Prince and Princess of Avacal, the group formally presented a rune inscribed stone to Their Excellencies Roaul and Roxanne, 3rd Baron and Baroness of Myrgan Wood, requesting their support and sponsorship. The appeal was graciously granted and a great friendship was forged between the two groups.

Months passed as the group enjoyed traveling to various events, making friends and learning skills. In February, 2003, the petition to become an incipient branch was sent to Their Majesties, Davin and Groa and to the Kingdom Seneschal, Viscountess Callista. The reply came back 3 month later on May 12th, complimenting our organization and welcoming us as a part of An Tir. Thus, we became an incipient shire in the kingdom of An Tir.

From the beginning the community around us was very welcoming. A local sword & leather merchant asked us to join him in a festival called Medieval Mayhem planned for May 30th AS 38. With displays of A&S, costume, fighting and even fire breathing, a good time was had by spectators and participants alike. In fact, the mayhem went on for 3 years since.

In June of the same year, our focus was taken up by our entry into the local parade taking place in July. The group built a beautiful float with a castle and an attacking Viking boat, gaining us first prize in our category. However, we will never forget the quick pace and following the horses in the parade line.

Soon after, messangers came down from Bordergate to tell us that a war was brewing. Four armies were gathering in Alfiemland for the ninth Annual Quad War. The shire excitedly packed up their tents and camp gear and made the trip the north (one should not mention the obstacles experienced by some on the way up there for fear it happens again).

Fighting under the Myrgan Wood banner, three new Rhuddglyn fighters, Cunan, Caius and Garrick and one veteran, Emeric, took the field on a calm sunny day. Alas, Myrgan wood lost the battles but everyone was in good spirits and ready to enjoy the evening revels. By the time the war was over, many new friends were made and Quad war took its place as the most anticipated event of the year.

Returning to our homes, we were asked by the local museum to do a demonstration in October during a feast. We not only offered to display our fighting skills but also to help serve the meal. Many people from the community were treated to a show of arms, dancing, and a reading from the norse sagas by Cunan.

That winter, preparations began for our first event: “A Night in Byzantium” which was held on March 13th AS 38, autocratted by Manyra. We found the hall, arranged the classes and planned the feast. The night before was cold and windy but the sun came out the next day as Rhuddglyn welcomed over eighty travelers to their hall. The classes were well-attended but the highlight was undoubtedly the simple but abundant feast which may be talked about for years to come.

Soon, the summer came and the group, in larger numbers, once again joined the battles at Quad War IX, now known as the wet war. Despite the rain the war was well-fought and the festivities enjoyed.

In October, Rhuddglyners traveled to celebration of Myrgan Wood’s Silver Anniversary. We had the honour of being inducted as a group to the Blood of the Wood by Baron Raoul and Baroness Roxanne. We also witnessed the investing Ferghail and Catriona, the fifth Baron and Baroness of Myrgan Wood.

Rhuddglyn then held its second event, Feast of Avalon autocratted by Jocatta and Magy, on September 17, AS 40 where they were pleased to host Her Highness Ifathayo, Princess of Avacal, and Their Excellencies Ferghail and Catriona, Baron and Baroness of Mygan Wood. It was an enjoyable day of games and tournaments, successfully finished off with another memorable night of feasting.

Preparations were also fully underway to apply for full shire status. The name Rhuddglyn and the device were registered with the College of Heralds in May AS 40 and a petition for elevation was sent to Their Majesties, Skepti and Taisiia in June.

That request was granted at the July Coronation of Their Majesties, Uther and Angharad and a date for the ceremony set for Avacal Coronet November 26th, AS 40.

November Coronet was held in a rural hall in Borealis on a beautiful fall-like day. Eight Members made the trip north looking splendid in their best court garb. We spent much time with our friends and watched as Myrgan Wood's Kvigr and Shunzei were invested as new heirs to the Gyphon Thrones. Much more happened that day as the visit by Their Royal Majesties of An Tir, Uther and Angharad made for much business during court: two new baronial couples were invested; Vik and Inga for the newly reinstated Barony of Borealis and Deitrick and Helene for Myrgan Wood. Rhuddglyn presented their scroll and were welcomed as a part of An Tir in evening court. Then, the group relaxed and delighted in a job well done. It was at this time that TRM choose to induct Manyra in the Order of the Pelican.

Rhuddglyn had grown much in 10 years. Still counting 10 people from the original meeting, the group has increased to over 25 members, all of whom served countless hours for the shire and elsewhere.

- Originally from the An Tir Doomsday book. In 2016, the shire of Rhuddglyn was dissolved.