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A student is someone who wishes to learn a specific skill set from someone, not necessarily a Peer. The teacher may set tasks before the student to assist that person in enhancing their skills, but there may not be fealty or a formal contract involved.

Student as a relationship to a member of an Order

In the SCA, "student" is typically used to describe someone in a defined learning relationship with a member of an order. An associate is a specific form of student to a member of a peerage order (Chivalry:squire, Laurel:apprentice, Pelican:protégé). Non-peerage students may have very similar learning and/or fealty relationships such as:

Some orders do not have a history of doing this in any formalized way, or do not have a name for the relationship if they do.

Student as a less formalized Associate

Another definition of student relates to Peers. Peers may take both associates and students. In this case, students tend to be considered the "lite" version of an associate. There is generally no exchange of promises or oaths, and sometimes for only a set period ("a year and a day"). A Peer and an individual may also enter into a Peer-student relationship to see how well they do together before the student becomes a full associate.

Students of the University of Ithra

A student may also describe anyone who attends/has attended an Ithra in a learning capacity. The University of Ithra keeps records on it's students.

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