Varrus Lupus

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Varrus' persona is under development.

Varrus the persona

Varrus is a Britonized Roman from 600AD. He spent most of his life as a soldier though his family holds extensive lands throughout Britain.

Varrus the person

He enjoys woodworking, leather and metal craft including armouring and is in hot pursuit of the everlasting periodesque shield-edge.
His armour is of the late romano-hollywood era.
He is a Sgt. of Montengarde first sworn to the Baroness Sine Perigrina.
He was squire to the Baron, Sir Thorwulf Bjornsson.
He is a distant member of the Darian Household and owes a debt of gratitude to Duke Darius and his family for introducing this great game of the SCA.
He is associated with the League of York (Artemisia).
He misses Gryphon's Fury (a long dead joint Artemisia/Avacal event).