Wernar Ivarsson and Hélène Charesse

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Preceded by:
Albrecht von Rügen and Nasheeta Al-Rakkasa
Wernar Ivarson and Hélène Charesse
Second King and Queen of Avacal
February 13, 2016 – July 2, 2016
Succeeded by:
Arnsbjorn Tiernanson and Inga in hraustliga

Royal Progress

As Royal Prince & Royal Princess

As King and Queen Their Majesties' Wernar and Helene's reign will follow the theme of a late 11th early/12th century viking trade route. Body

​Their Majesties would like to do a few things with the theme of where They would be on the map at each event. For example, family activities would have an educational component incorporating the place and time of Their Progress, so if the populace have ideas... Now is the time to share! At each court Their Majesties invite Their populace to share one 60-90 second, cool A&S presentation to do with the time and place on the map. If a feast steward wants to incorporate a dish, great! Maybe archery targets to go with the theme! Their Majesties aren't requiring anyone to participate, but if people want to join in, great! The aim is for fun, not perfection!

  • Winter War (with the theme of - Wales)
  • Silver Arrow (with the theme of - Paris)
  • Spring Champions (with the theme of - Constantinople)
  • TUA (with the theme of - Venice)
  • June Crown (with the theme of - Istanbul)
  • Silver Wolf (with the theme of - Cologne)
  • 50YC (with the theme of - Silk Road)
  • July Coronation (with the theme of - Fez)

Awards bestowed during this reign

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