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The Shire of Windwyrm (Lethbridge, AB) is located in the Kingdom of Avacal.


Blazon: Argent, a dragon's head affronty between in fess two dragons' heads addorsed, all conjoined at the neck, and on a chief enarched gules a laurel wreath argent.


(Founding date, previous names, etc.)

General History

The Shire of Windwyrm was dissolved in May 2008, although members continued to be active in the Principality of Avacal.

Windwyrm was granted Incipientship status in 2014 sponsored by Montengarde. It became a Shire in October 2017, at the Feast of the Snoweaters.

Members continue to better the world of historic recreation by holding casual local taverns and arts and sciences meetings, where we share what we know and work on projects.

The Shire hosts two main events for the enjoyment of others. Maydays, held on the last weekend of May, is a camping event, where we choose a Queen of the May and dance around the May Pole, in addition to various outdoor games and contests. For the Feast of the Snoweaters, held on the last weekend of October, we rent a hall, although, weather permitting, there may be outdoor activities as well. We choose our Bardic and Arts and Science champion at this time, and then enjoy a feast.

Notable Residents

Order of Precedence entries for Windwyrm


Seneschal --
Exchequer -- 
Herald -- 
Master of Stables -- 
Archery Marshal:
Equestrian Marshal:
List Mistress:
Master of Blades:
Thrown Weapons Deputy:
Chronicler -- 
Minister of Arts & Sciences -- 
Bardic Deputy:
Chatelaine -- 
Gold Key:
Constable -- 
Chirurgeon -- 
Pied Piper -- 


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